Download and Install Autel IM608 JVCI J2534 Driver for OEM Software

Here is the tutorial on Autel MaxiIM IM608 JVCI J2534 interface driver download and installation. If you have the driver for laptop, you cannot use this interface as j2534 passthru.  We can get autel J2534 programming jvci to communicate with the manufacturer platform ( OEM software) to program cars.

Autel Maxivci J2534

If you have an Autel IM608 and we can use that one as a programmer.


You have to go to Autel website:

You have to register you have to use the name password and email

Install Autel Jvci J2534 1

you have to put your serial number or fcc number here

Install Autel Jvci J2534 2

when you put it in, it will take you to step to create an account

If you have created an account, sign in with Autel ID (your email address) and password.

Install Autel Jvci J2534 3

Install Autel Jvci J2534 4

Go to Support- Download (make sure you have network connected)

Download 1st one- Maxi PC suite for maxisys series

Install Autel Jvci J2534 5

Ley PC download Maxi PC Suite program. Unzip file, run Setup.exe, select Maxi PC Suite language

Install Autel Jvci J2534 6

Press Install to install device driver software

Press Next until installation is finished.

Install Autel Jvci J2534 7

Run Maxi PC Suite on desktop

You have to connect Autel MaxiFlash JVCI interface with laptop thru USB to have the device detected

Install Autel Jvci J2534 8

The indicator turns yellow when connected with laptop via USB, then it turns to green when detected by Maxi PC Suite

Install Autel Jvci J2534 9

Now you can get JVCI communicate with OEM software

We have these options when connecting with Honda software

Install Autel Jvci J2534 10

Another example: use MaxiFlash JVCI with GM SPS2 via Techline Connect program

Install Autel Jvci J2534 11

It’s approved by all oem software. Can use with any software that works with j2534, just download drivers from Autel. People have tested working with







Honda HDS

Techstream Toyota

PCMflash (but there is some modules that u need to use scanmatik2 or pcmflash flash box.)



Check available OEM software list here

How to use Autel J2534 ECU programmer with OE software?

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