Autel IM508 vs AutoPro PAD (APP)

Thoughts on the AutoProPad Basic (APP)? Worth the $1K for an American/Asian daily programmer or is money better spent on a Autel IM508 with XP400Pro ?

Autel Im508 Vs Autopropad

First comes some unbiased reviews of both devices:


1. Autel can help get his foot in to European with other autel accessories. The APP basic has no European support.


2. I love my AutoPro Pad basic for certain vehicles especially ford. The ford 10 minute AKL bypass is a good feature. It does many Fords nicely (no 10 min wait), and many other cars. also no internet required for the APP. No internet to do dodges on the APP. Just wish there was a chevy 12 min bypass.


3. Km100 will give him similar functionality to Im508 without the ongoing subscription. Autel is weak on Honda but his topdon will cover that. the km100 would’ve been good as a first programmer as it can tackle most USA domestic vehicle.


4. I love Autel IM508. It can bypass the rolling code on new Toyota, AKL on a Hilux bladed through GBox and add key directly on Golf V without a working original, plus can generate Autel Prox and chips on the super chip in a pinch.


5.  The IM508 newest system update removed the need for hotspot connection to do all cars. My IM508 is my main programmer and it hasn’t let me down.


6. The Autel KM100 would be a good choice, being very similar in immo to the 508, but relatively cheap, and also good for doing autel universal fobs, which can contribute to a versatile inventory for cheap. The 608 will be able to do this, yes… But switching systems on it is a little clunky and tedious, so generating on the km100 and then programming on the 608 is faster and more convenient, so it’s still worth having around.


7. My first programmer was the APP full version. Bought the IM508 later. Each has its own benefits, but the 508 does more.


8. We have both. AutoPad can do new gms but I’d take im508 over it everyday of the week.


9. Then AutoProPad for it’s ease of use. And APP basic is non subscription, no tokens – no Internet so that will get scooped up while they still offer it.


10. I Started with a ProPad Basic ( affordable covers a good amount of vehicles ) but I picked up the skills very quick 2 months in I needed something more advanced then I purchased IM508 with XP400 Pro ( I got a good deal.)


11. Autel IM508 to start then upgrade it with the following items Gbox2, apb112, xp400 pro programmer. You get a kick ass set that maybe costs $1500. You will be able to 95% of keys.


In sum:

Use both, a great team. You’re going to need more than 1 programmer to fill gaps in coverage.


AuoPropad Pros:

No network

No subscription, no token


Will bypass new Fords with active alarm



Autel IM508 Pros:

large coverage than APP

Generate autel universal keys

bypass Toyota proximity pin code

slower than APP



AutoPropad works without network, it is faster and covers new Fords. Autel does more, it will bypass new Toyotas, it can generate autel universal keys but it is slower.