Launch CRP909X vs. CRP919E vs CRP919X vs Autel MK808

What’s the difference between Launch Creader CRP909 and CRP919 series obdii diagnostic scan tools?

Let’s break down the differences in more detail.


Table 1:

Launch CRP909E vs. CRP909X vs. CRP919E vs CRP919X scanner

Item Launch CRP909E

Launch Crp909e

Launch CRP909X

Launch Crp909x

Launch CRP919E

Launch Crp919e

Launch CRP919X

Launch Crp919x

Opration System Andorid 7.1 Andorid 7.1 Andorid 10.0 Andorid 10
Screen size 7.0-inch 7.0-inch 7.0-inch 7.0-inch
Memory 2GB & 16GB


2GB & 16GB


3GB RAM & 32GB 3GB RAM & 32GB
Battery capacity 6000mAh


6000mAh 6100mAh 6100mAh
Vehicles Supported 80+ Brands 80+ Brands 100+ brands 100+ brands
Full System Diagnosis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto VIN Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bi-directional control (Active Test) Yes Yes
Service functions 28 28 31+ 31+
DPF regen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key programming Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
ABS bleeding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Injector coding Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECU Coding Yes Yes
VEHICLE COVERAGE Cars/Light trucks


Cars/Light trucks


Cars/Light trucks


Cars/Light trucks


FCA Autoauth Yes Yes
CANFD & DoIP Yes Yes
Battery tester Yes with BST360 Yes with BST360
Language 9 languages

English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Portuguese

8 different Languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian 11 Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Traditional Chinese. 9 languages

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Poland

Update 1 Year Free Update 1 Year Free Update 2 Years free update 2 Years free update


In sum:

  • There is no difference between 919X and 919E. It’s just a different name from another distributor.
  • CRP909 series have no di-directional control. They do not have CAN FD and DoIP protocols.
  • CRP919 series enjoy 2 years free update.
Table 2:
Autel MX808 vs Launch CRP919X
Item Autel MK808/MK808S

Autel Mk808

Launch CRP919X

Launch Crp919x

Screen size 7 inch 7 inch
Operating system Android 11 Andorid 10
Battery 5000 mAh 6000mAh
Memory 4G RAM and 64G ROM 3G RAM and 32G ROM
Operation way A ndorid 4.4.4 Andorid 10
Full system diagnostic Touch screen Touch screen and buttons
Bi-directional control (Active Test) Yes Yes
ECU Coding Yes Yes
AutoAuth for FCA SGW


Yes Yes
Special Service Functions 36 31
CAN FD protocol Yes
DoIP protocol Yes
Battery test Yes with BST-360
Graph Merge 3 in 1 4 in 1
Videoscope Yes with MV105 MV108
Price $369 $379
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Poland
Update 1 Year free update, 80USD/year later 2 Years free update, 180USD/year later
CRP919X and MK808 seem pretty similar – the price point might indicate that too, but the Launch’s ability to communicate with later CAN FD / DOIP networks would be useful.
They are both really good value but the CRP919X supports ECU coding on many car brands. The Autel does not. On Honda and Toyota you can do an ECU replacement and write the VIN number with the CRP919X. On VW/Audi/Porsche the Launch can do a lot of calibrations and coding that you would require the more expensive Autel MP808S for.
Launch CRP919X looks more future proof. Definitely a faster machine too, especially on Volvo. It can connect without Internet.
CRP919 series have both Touch screen + physical buttons, MK808 only has touch screen.
CRP919X also has 2 years free update while MK808 only 1 year.  CRP919X/E one-year upgrade fee is $75, while the MK808 is $125.



Part III: Launch CRP919X/CRP919E vs Xtool D7

Both are full system diagnostic tool with bidirectional control, there still has some differences between them, please check below:

1. One more reset function: crp919 has 31+ reset service functions while Xtool D7 has 28 service
2. Wider car brands covered: crp919 covers 100+ vehicles brands and keeps growning, supports FCA AutoAuth and CAN FD & DOIP new protocols while Xtool D7 only cover 85 brands,which can meet your need in the most degree.
3. Better hardware configurations: crp919 loads powerful Android 10.0 system and 6000mAh large battery capacity, while Xtool D7 is still use Android 5.1.1 and only 4000mAh battery.
4.More convenient to use: crp919ehas an adjustable tablet kickstands can be fixed at 180 ° angle, hold in hand and support on the desk to meet various occasions.While the Xtool D7 does not have.