Autel IM608 Adds 2022 Toyota RAV4 Smart Key via OBD No Passcode

Information Only. Here we share a customer’s working experience on a 2022 Toyota Rav4 USA model.


2022 Toyota Rav 4, USA, Add Smart key. He has a working key to start the vehicle. The new key was a brand new OEM smart key.


First try the UHS Toyota bypass cable, by connecting G box right into the smart box. But did not get any communication.

Second attempt: He then notice that the Autel IM608 had an update for Toyota dated Dec 19th 2022. He performed the updates noticed that after the update it said Back Up IMMO date via OBD, or VIA G-box , he tried G box again and No luck, keep saying no communication to check cable turn off Bluetooth check power etc.

Autel Im608 2022 Toyota Rav4 Add Key 4

Third attempt: Pulled out the IM508 /KM100 so it will have a straight connection, still no luck

Last try: So he put it all back together and then decided to try to back up IMMO via OBD. G box Was not needed. Connect right into OBD 2 port. It did back up the data, So went into key learning, follow the steps, it asked if back up, clicked yes, and it went into learning mode. And successfully learn a New key via OBD II without doing a In-code or out-code, or any Password, or paying any $30 fee. (You would typically need a in-code & out-code password, just to add a key fob, and would need to pay $30 for the third party service. But this time does not need.)

The new update says in the update that it supports up to 2017. But still worth trying.

Autel Im608 2022 Toyota Rav4 Add Key 1

Autel Im608 2022 Toyota Rav4 Add Key 2

Autel Im608 2022 Toyota Rav4 Add Key 3


Another success. Add a OEM key to a 2020 rav4. Go control unit – keyless, then I can select backup immo data-back up through OBD, then add a key WITHOUT 3 lines data and pay for the code. If choose add a key directly, then the programmer will spit out those 3 lines data and ask for a code.
When backing up data, the dashboard will display engine has issues, steering wheel have issues,blah, blah as the backup process going, quite nerve racking but once is finished, everything is fine.

after backup immo data, then select add key, then it will ask you if you backed up data or not, then select the file, then same old Toyota beep beep beep process.


There is another way to get this done without incode.

No need gbox for this, but need apb112 for all keys lost or transfer file to another machine w/built in emulator like km100/key tool max.
Surprisingly KM100 can’t obd read these by itself, no option for 2022 (tested by reading with im508 and emulating with km100)