Autel Razor vs Premium vs Basic Universal iKey

Autel released a series of universal remote/smart keys for universal key generation with MaxiIM KM100/IM508/IM608/IM608Pro.


Autel universal keys can be devided into 3 categaries:

  • Razor keys
  • Premium keys
  • Basic keys

Autel Razor Vs Premium Vs Basic Remote

What are the difference between these keys?

Razor keys: BMW style, supports all vehicle keys except 868MHz/915MHz;

Ford style: can be used on 868MHz/915MHz frequency keys only

Premium keys and Basic keys: have Chrysler Honda Ford Caddilac styles. can be used for most car brands except 868MHz, 915MHz, BMW Volvo

KM100 comes with 2 basic universal keys.

All Autel keys can be reused.



Ikey Comparison Chart

Autel Ikey Comparison Table


We will update detailed function of each Autel key soon.


Autel unviersal keys are aviabale on



How to Put A Key Blank in Autel Universal Remote?