How to Activate FCA SGW Bypass in Autel IM608/IM508?

Question: How can I use FCA SGW on Autel MaxiIM IM608IM608 Pro or IM508? Is it possible to have a SGW subscription? I have 12+8 cable but I don’t want to spend time searching for sgw location. I want to use fca authentication by obd.



For diagnosis purpose Yes, you can bypass SGW thru AutoAuth, follow instructions to purchase license.

how can i activate SGW Bypass (diagnosis) for FCA group in my autel? It is the as other Autel tablets.

Autel Scan Tools Bypass SGW FCA Security Gateway Access

If you are on North America, you can register on Autoauth and add your tools for use on FCA cars, that’s not fca credentials. Also on Europe, Texa tools have his own login for fca cars without register on fca or use witech.

Autoauthh is only for diagnostics and you need internet. You will be able to erase codes, resets, special functions Etc. If you do diagnostics, then it’s worth the $50.


For Immobilizer function, it is a waste of time. No immo through OBD. AutoAuth doesn’t work for Key Programming/IMMO work. MaxiIM now can only unlock Renault gateway for immobilizer (Unlock Renault gateway).  Autel cannot bypass FCA immobilizer yet.

For 2018+ models, you will need 12+8 gateway adapter or Star cable (star cable bypasses the sgw connecting scanner to diagnostic CAN lines on the star connector).

You’ll always need a bypass cable to pull Pin’s and program keys.

Chrysler SGM Bypass using Autel FCA 12+8 Cable

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