Chrysler 12+8 Bypass Cable, Star Connector or AutoAuth?

Question before entering:

I’m trying to clear codes on a 2018 Journey. I paid for the AutoAuthority subscription and registered my Autel MaxiSys Elite on AutoAuth website.
I do have the Autel 12+8 bypass cable so I can bypass the SGM.
Once I registered the Elite on AutoAuth that I would no longer need the 12+8?



Beginning in 2018, FCA began manufacturing vehicles with a Security Gateway Module (SGM) that blocked direct communication to and through the OBD2 port to the vehicle, effectively limiting communications to basic diagnostics. It also effectively isolated the CAN bus from being directly penetrable by aftermarket diagnostics and programming tools.

Fortunately, people much smarter and have figured out the CAN (Controller Area Network) lines of the vehicle can be intercepted after a point where communication is typically blocked by the SGM. Alternatively, the SGM can be bypassed entirely. The benefit of the CAN method is that you often have multiple access points because of the structure of the CAN bus architecture.

Common bypass methods are Autel 12+8 bypass cable, Star connector, AD cable and AutoAuth subscription.



Autel 12+8 Cable:

This adapter will be required when accessing a Fiat Chrysler Dodge and Jeep vehicle that uses a Secure Gateway Module.

Code scans don’t require the 12+8 only if you need to erase or do but-directional

Autel Fca 12+8 Cable 1




Autel 12+8 adapter installation

Locate the security gateway module which is usually installed below the dashboard/some behind the radio
Remove the connector of the security gateway module
Connect 12+8 diagnostic connector
connect the adapter with Bluetooth VCI and pair tablet wirelessly

Install Autel 12 8 Adapter 1

Install Autel 12 8 Adapter 2

Install Autel 12 8 Adapter 3

Install Autel 12 8 Adapter 4

Install Autel 12 8 Adapter 5

Install Autel 12 8 Adapter 6

Autel 12+8 adapter ability/function, compatibility, supported FCA model list can be found here

Chrysler SGM Bypass using Autel FCA 12+8 Cable



Good quality cable

larger Autel tool compatibility, no limited to Maxisys series,  can be used with MK808 MK908P etc

it works once find the SGM module

it works with every machine (other machines that can access FCA with SGM).





usable on a few models



Review and success rate:

1. found the sgw module it was further up under the dash, had to remove the lower cover. The cable worked like a charm once I found the module.

2. i use mine regularly, most impressive was i needed it to scan a Maserati suv.

3. Just used my MS906TS on a 2018 Ram today. Worked flawlessly. I won’t have to use my Micropod II for quick stuff anymore. And won’t have to pay Tech Authority every time.

4.  12+ 8 is the best cable for a few random reasons. I use it quite often when I can’t get signal for Witech.

5. diagnostic scan on a 2018 Dodge Durango. Autel MS906TS with the Chrysler 12+8 adapter.

6. 2019 dodge challenger all keys lost…..Job Done by im608 and 12 +8 cable.



There is a newer service called Auto Auth.  With the newest update on your Autel android-based tool (i,e Autel MaxiSYS 908P / MS906, Autel MaxiIM IM608 etc) you now have access to the security gateway module on 2018 and newer Fiat Chrysler vehicles in North America, so that the tool can clear codes, bi-directional function, active tests, actuations and relearns. Autel has made this process very simple to access with three simple steps: authorize, confirm and access.

Launch Scan Tools Usa Fca Security Gateway Access 02



is very quick if you have internet access

don’t need bypass cable



require registration

paid for the AutoAuthority subscription

limited to Autel US model (MaxiSys, MaxiIM), don’t work on MK or MX models. For example: on MK908P auto auth doesnt show up. Autoauth still allows to enter device serial and register the tool, however, nothing comes up when connecting to the car and ask install the Chrysler 12+8 connector.

The MX808 and TS608 software is not done yet for AutoAuth




Check guide here:

Autel Scan Tools Bypass SGW FCA Security Gateway Access via AutoAuth




Star connector

Star Connector

Star Connector 2

Star connector is the best cable foor FCA models with SGM.




don’t need to find the SGM (it can take hours to get to the SGM on some models.)

it’s $50 a year for up to 5 techs to get the Security Gateway Access better to have then the cable

usually in front kick panel, and all you do is take the 2 wire back probes and back probe the star connector.

it works with every machine (other machines that can access FCA with SGM).









AD Cable:

Ad Connector
Advanced Diagnostics – Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep Bypass Cable ADC2011 for SMART Pro Programmer

When programming 2018 and up Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep vehicles, the connection to the vehicle is made using the ADC2011 cable, which connects to the STAR (CAN-C connector) located in various locations in the vehicle depending on the vehicle model.

This cable is required for programming with AD Smart Pro  – Programming Software  ADS-2272 software, & ADS-2291