Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro vs IM608 Pro II (IM608 II)

Apart from physical hardware differences, what’s the difference between Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro and IM608 Pro II (aka IM608 II)


Hardware comparison table

Autel IM608 II vs IM608 vs IM508S vs IM508 vs KM100

Here comes the case, Jbox, software layout, menu comparison (with images).




IM608 Pro2 case is huge compared with im608 I.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 1

Left: IM608 Pro; Right: IM608 II



Open up case and see what’s inside.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 3

The 608 Pro 2 the latest generation it’s on the left side.

on the right size the 608 Pro the first generation.

You can see right away in the main software on the screens difference in the operating systems.

on the left the 608 Pro 2 it’s using the latest Android 10.0 version.

on the right the first generation it’s using the older Android 4.4.2 operating system.

The difference in the machines is mainly all Hardware differences.

There are really no software coverage differences between the two tools.  608 Pro 2 is not adding more key programming coverage, not adding more diagnostic coverage. programming coverage the coverage is still the same. The difference is mainly in the hardware.


so besides the Android operating system that you see also the 608 Pro 2 has more hard drive space.

the 608 Pro 2 has 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of flash memory, whereas the 608 Pro the first generation has two gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of flash memory.



Also if you look at the j2534 the vehicle communication interfaces.

we’ll pull them side by side.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 2

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 2

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 5

Left: IM608 Pro II; Right: IM608 pro.

see they both have port for USB.

the 608 Pro 2 is using its own version 2 cable only compatible with the version 2 cable.

Version 2 cable looks just like the version 1, but it is the only cable that works with the new j-box.

on this end it’s special it’s recessed.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 14

So if we try to take for example APC 101, it’s not recessed and it won’t fit in here and won’t stay in.

Can I use this standard USB?  You have to use that blue version two point version two cable。


Then come to the Jbox on the old im608. You see it has a DC 12V port for power and the regular OBD cable plug-in.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 6

we’ll flip the new one around. You got the 12 volt the VCI cable plug-in.

again it’s using the version 2 cable and the version 2 cable essentially looks the same.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 8

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im068 Ii 7

This one also has another Port here. This is the doip port for ethernet.

So this is mainly used for the new BMWs the F series the new Land Rovers are using it. It’s mainly for Diagnostics and programming those vehicles require a higher speed connection. It’s referred to as doip. That’s built-into the new Jbox.

For old im608 pro you’d have to have an extra adapter to work for that.


So besides that doip also the can FD for the new GMs and the new Fords is also built into this new jbox whereas the old one you’d have to buy the CAN FD adapter in order to use with it.

so that’s pretty much the main Hardware differences between the two tools.




Then we will go through the software and we’ll take a look we’ll see a little bit of the software differences as well.



Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 7

Main software has different layouts.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 13

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 8


When you open a manufacturer, we’ll do the Lexus on here as well. so a little bit of a difference there.

if we pull up manual selection on the im608 pro 2. It shows you more of this list.

if we do manual selection in Pro, list is like that

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 9


You see how the software looks different.

You have more of the icon view here. let’s say the list view on the 608 Pro, typically we go control unit, immobilizer

these are options are functions same thing in im608, control unit, immobilizer and we have the same functions

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 12

We’ll also show you the main home page on im608 ii we can click the Android home

This is all about Android apps 608 Pro 2.



Check out the 608 Pro on button, one difference we noticed is the 608 pro has a hex editor built in reviewing bin files.

The 608 Pro 2 does not come with a hex editor.

Tt’s not that essential but that’s one difference.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 10

You can also take a look at the ports on the top which are essentially the same between the two machines.

Autel Im608 Pro Vs Im608 Ii 11

You have your power on the left headphone jack, USB HDMI USB and another mini USB and the 608 Pro same thing

Tablets are the same size and they use the same battery capacity.