OBDSTAR iScan Ducati Communications Error Solution


Just purchased an OBDstar iScan Ducati scan tool off obdii365. My intent was to use it to clear the service code on a 2009 Hypermotard S. But I can’t get it to work properly. I know there are dozens of pages on the OBDStar scanner tool, and yes, I’ve looked through them. All I get is the “Communications Error” page. It clear it’s not handshaking with the ECU because I always have to enter the VIN manually. Yes, I set up the online account. Yes, I did the updates, Yes, I downloaded (or “upgraded” as they called it) the software. I just double-checked and the device says there are no other updates. Yes the ignition key is on. I’m using the cables supplied with the device. The bike has the Ducati “Race” or performance ECU installed.

Obdstar Ducati 2009 Hypermotard S 1

Obdstar Ducati 2009 Hypermotard S 2


Make sure you use all the supplied cables.  Connect one of the two cables straight to the battery for a 12 volt source to get your OBDstar Ducati scanner to work on
There is a 12V clamp cable connected to the OBDStar plug in port which end goes to the diagnostic port of the bike.

The device must be connected to the internet. You must register by OBDStar.



Updated. I made a mistake.

I was trying to use the 4 pin connector under the seat, when I should have been using the “old style” 3 pin connector (and battery power) under the right panel next to the ECU. Once I did that, cleared the service indicator in about 5 min.


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