Launch X-Prog3 Adds VAG MQB NEC35XX Immobilizer

Exciting news for Launch X-PROG3 users! The latest V10.80 software has made the device even more powerful, offering enhanced support for a wider range of Volkswagen/Audi IMMO and Key Programming functions, including MQB keys adding and instrument replacement.


X-PROG 3 V10.8 Software:

1. Added the key learning and instrument replacement functions for Johnson Control MQB instruments (including chips A2C81589600, A2C81589700, D70F3526, and D70F3529).

2. Added the key learning, all keys lost, and instrument replacement functions for Johnson control instruments as of year 2014

3. Added the instrument cloning function for VDO NEC 35XX MQB instruments (including chips A2C81 589600, A2C81 589700, D70F3526 and D70F3529)

4. Added the functions “All Keys Lost” and instrument replacement for the fourth-generation 35XX instruments.



Add a total of 13 VW IMMO MQB instrument D70F3524, D70F3525_V1, D70F3525_V2, D70F3525_V3, D70F3525_V4, D70F3526_V1, D70F3526_V2, D70F3526_V3, D70F3526_V4, D70F3529, D70F3532_V1, D70F3532_V2, D70F3537


Cluster type: VDO/Johnson Control

Add key: OK

All Keys Lost: OK


Device affected: 

Launch X431 IMMO Pro/ IMMO Pad/ IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite (all with X-prog3 programmer in default)


Programming example:

How to Add VAG MQB NEC35XX Key with Launch X431 IMMO Pad?

X Prog3 V10.8

Video reference: