BMW 35160 Red Dot Problem After Mileage Correction? here shares one of our customer’s working experience on BMW 35160 mileage correction red dot problem solution. Hope it helps if someone has a similar problem.


Here goes the problem:

I tried to do a mileage correction on BMW M4 2017 F83 and got a tempering dot which I can’t remove.
Process followed, removed cluster board and FEM. Reset FEM to Zero using Yanhua mini ACDP. Then read the mileage from the cluster EEPROM 35160WT used VVDI Prog to read full data with ID. Written data on new VVDI eeprom and set new mileage. After installing back in car with FEM first then cluster. The below appeared.
Used E-sys software to code the cluster back in car faults disappeared and new mileage from FEM came back but the tempering dot is there.
Even tried to virginise the cluster and coded it with Esys but the problem is till there. Not sure what else I could do/ did wrong?
What needs to be done to fix this issue?

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I managed to sort out the issue. Had to put the original eeprom back on cluster then coded cluster with E-SYS. And using ISTA scanned car cluster was in transport mode. Removed transport mode and all working with no red dot. Mileage correction done again with using a brand new VVDI eeprom emulator 35160dw and FEM resetted to Zero via OBD.


If it is not working, try the following options:


Try to virginise VIN in eeprom 95320 also which is next to the m35160wt eeprom.



Wrong programming on chip need to write 1 by 1 partition im do all on replacement chip and all is working. Use vvdi eeprom emulator 160dw read memory, long id, id location from original eeprom. special function D160xx mod memory and write 3 block the new eeprom.