How to Replace Autel MaxiSys Ultra Battery?

The reason Autel MaxiSys Ultra battery’s fail so fast is that people leave them plugged into the charger after the battery is fully charged. That’s what cooks them. Remove the tool from the charger after the battery hits 100% charged and the battery’s life span will greatly be increased.


If battery failed, you get a genuine battery and replace it.


Install was pretty painless, in par with any laptop really. Once you find all the screws it came apart easy enough, there are 3 ribbon cables that provide enough length to do the battery swap so didn’t disconnect them, but be mindful to not put too much strain on them.

The battery was bulging massively, well on its way to exploding. The genuine battery they supplied has a different part number, though it was identical in every way, only that the sticker was on the other side so you can install it upside down compared to the old one to get the connector wire colors the same.

It’s a very large battery capacity so decent price I reckon.

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