KT200 Seat EDC17C74 Car Not Start Solution


KT200 does not write Seat EDC17C74 ecu correctly! Read Ok but don’t write, the car don’t start.

Kt200 Read Edc17c74 1

Kt200 Read Edc17c74 2

Kt200 Read Edc17c74 3

Kt200 Read Edc17c74 4

Kt200 Read Edc17c74 5


It is easy to figure it out. Bad file or probably checksum not correct.

You write bad file, tool can only write it file it is told to write, just write Ori back to ecu.
Write the ORI file to the car, when it runs you will then see that the file is bad.



Correct checksum manually. Checksum written with another program (winols) and 13V power supply