Autel Ultra, Elite and MS906 Which to Buy?

What are some of the differences among Autel MaxiSys ULTRA, ELITE & MS906? Which would you buy?


Here’s the clue to help people make a decision.

Autel Ultra Vs Elite Vsms906

Ultra- larger screen, split screen capability faster processor and no storage issues, included j2534/4ch scope with signal generator. topographical view & most up to date features. Ultra also supports Remote Expert. Which is where a remote expert connects through your tablet with OEM tools to perform functions for a fee. Ultra can be converted to an EV tool and run the IA900 ADAS abd alignment system.
Maxisys Elite former flagship model, included j2534 and came with 2 years – no topology.
Ultra comes with a 4 channel scope, Elite is outdated but still a good tool and ms906 is different hardware and smaller than the two. Ultra is pretty large but that is nice when using the scope function. Elite and Ultra both come with a VCI that can be used for programming using OE software.
ms906….there’s a lot of different versions none have topology
ms906 corded unit no jbox, good unit
ms906bt same as 906 but with BT, best bang for buck usually
ms906TS – Same as BT but includes TPMS software and radio
ms906s, same as 906bt but faster processed and different VCI
ms906Pro – most up to date hardware wise
ms906 Pro TS – added TS radio and software to 906 Pro
ms908 is older with lower spec hardware to the new MS906PRO. Go with the MS906PRO.
Here are some other comparisons: