How to Use Autel AccuFIX Repair Database?

AccuFix is a diagnostic and repair database designed by Autel technicians to enhance our scan tools and invite new users to Autel diagnostic scanners.

We are here to share with you our latest innovation accufix building on the advanced diagnostic functionality already on your maxisys tablet.

Accufix delivers valuable repair information right on your tool.

Accufix is a repair database built by technicians for technicians and provides fast free and convenient access to diagnostic and repair solutions based on the real world experiences of actual

automotive technicians.

Technicians can post share and view a growing database of repair cases on their ms909 ms919 and maxisys ultra scan tools as well as at

Your submissions and most valuable cases can be saved searched and referenced in the future quickly and easily within your account in order to ensure a continuous stream of relevant content.

Users who post the most often or the most valuable cases will earn points for use towards giveaways and daily cash prizes.

Visit or click on the accufix icon on your autel tablet to create your free account while you’re there check out our expanding library of repairs and submit your first case today.

Autel Accufix Database 3

Autel Accufix Database 4

Autel Accufix Database 5

Autel Accufix Database 6


How To Sign Up and Post Your First Case?


We’ll show you how to sign up and submit your first case.

It’s fast and easy to sign up for your free account on your maxis tablet or at

On your tablet you’re going to enter the application by selecting the maxisys icon

Then you’re going to select your Maxidata icon select Accufix and then register complete your basic information and then choose email or phone

Register Autel Accufix 1

These will be used just one time in order to send you an activation code.

When you’re all finished, select register now keep your eye on your phone or email for that code to complete the process.

Now that you’re registered you can start using Accufix.

This is the featured page from here you can search by keyword scan the vin with your tablet’s camera or by make and model also you can simply enter a dtc code and hit search.

Register Autel Accufix 2

please note you always want to make sure to use the back arrow on the bottom of the screen

if you hit the m it will return you to the maxis suite

in the bottom center you will find the new post button

select this then choose either repair tips or featured cases while both will take you to a form that will guide you through the steps

Register Autel Accufix 3

It’s important to know which to choose a repair tip is your chance to share time saving tips repair techniques and diagnostic results like waveforms or quick repair steps

a feature case is more specific as you will share a single repair on a specific vehicle starting with a scan from your tablet.

You can walk other texts through your diagnosis and repair steps as you move through the form you can add relevant images videos and the parts or part numbers that were replaced

The final icon on the bottom is one that is very familiar me

This allows users to review posts they have made check messages from other users and revisit saved posts and repairs.

now that you know your way around accufix we encourage you to visit often and see just how powerful this community can be sure to visit us at and stay tuned for

more updates.