OBDSTAR OdoMaster vs OBDProg M500 Mileage Programmer

Question: Should I buy an obdprog m500 or obdstar odomaster? Anyone know which one is better?

Obdstar Odomaster Vs Obdprog Ms500

OBDPROG & OBDSTAR are the same company, OBDProg is a rebranded tool.  Software is the same, some tools have more or less coverage, but the software per car model is exactly same.

M500 has 3 versions, Full config M500 = ODOMASTER Full config from OBDSTAR

MT401 = X300M (version basic version)

Update tool on laptop is same, distributor codes are same, registration is the same. Same oil reset bonus feature.

They are the same capabilities. The instructions are better on odomaster but they do exactly the same.
odomaster has better instructions and shows you pictures of the clusters. It’s a very good tool does 2020 vehicles.

m500 flawed massively. Instructions on more complex adjustments are difficult to follow. Lots of reports of failures. Many cars shown with functions missing and support is non existent. Save your money and buy the odomaster or the xtool pad 2 or pad3.


OdoMaster vehicle coverage:


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How to register and update Odo Master?