Audi A3 2009 Cluster Calibration Tools Reviews

To calibrate cluster for an Audi A3 2009 cayc motor, can i get the job done with this tool OBDSTAR ODOMASTER or GODIAG GD801 or Yanhua Digimaster 3 or any other way to do this? Via OBD2 or need to dismantle the cluster?


Audi A3 Cluster Calibration Tools Reviews:


  1. OBDSTAR ODOMASTER: Someone has done Audi A3 2009 Cluster Calibration with it.


OBDSTAR ODOMASTER A3 Cluster Calibration coverage:



MQB 2014.06-

MQB 2012-2014.06


GODIAG GD801 is also working too as they share the same odometer software.

Audi A3 Cluster Calibration 00


  1. Yanhua Digimaster 3: Someone has done Audi A3 2009 Cluster Calibration with it. it supports Audi A3 up to 2011.

Audi A3 Cluster Calibration 01


  1. XProg the safest for a3.

With xprog you can’t do it without removing the cluster


Audi cluster micronas 24 c32 Cluster Calibration guide for your reference:

U need xprog to read Micronas dump. not Use picture at xprog help.

  1. Read Micronas Flash and 24C32
  2. load It to Arbiters(FVDI) and decode(it will work for this), you will get full immo data
  3. U can try to repair flash – forum got procedure – need to fill FF some addresses but as U got new same cluster – read it too(if U got no key for spare cluster – if Got it u can do it by obd)
  4. change of immo data in spare cluster(export config data and write by xprog) – even key will work.


  1. Digiprog 3 4.94: Works perfect with digiprog

Look at this image of Digiprog 3 4.94 adds Audi A3 new version

Digiprog 3 works very good on this dashes made many of them with it
Audi A3 Cluster Calibration 02

Audi A3 Cluster Calibration 03

Audi A3 Cluster Calibration 04

Audi A3 Cluster Calibration 05

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