Digiprog 3 4.94 VS Digimaster 3 1.8.1407.14 mileage programmer

As Digiprog 3 odometer programmer is updated to 4.94 version recently, some mechanics are asking me what is the difference between the Digiprog 3 4.94 and the Digimaster 3 1.8.1407.14 and which one is better? Here OBD365 technicians provide a quick comparison between the two tools:
Digiprog 3 vs Digimaster 3

Product Digimaster 3 Digiprog 3
Software version 1.8.1407.14 4.94
Language support English  English, French, Germany, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and Dutch
Update Original and update online by users anywhere anytime, and one year free update Users are not allowed to update by themselves.

Our engineer program update files according to users’ machine serial number, then send to users to update.

Function 1. Odometer correction
2. Audio decoding
3. Airbag reset
4. ECU programming
5. PIN Code Reading
6. Benz and BMW car key programming
1. Digital speedo programming and correction

2. Assyst processing

3. Fault memory read-erase (only for some cars)

4. EEPROM programming

Vehicle list Digimaster 3 supports a wide range of cars from European, American, Japanese and Korea. Its vehicle coverage is wider than Digiprog 3. Here is Digimaster 3 complete vehicle list:


Although 4.94 Digiprog 3 adds more cars, but it is still less than Digimaster 3. Besides, it is not as good at Ford, Benz, BMW and Opel mileage programming as digimaster 3. Here is Digiprog 3 car list: http://www.obdii365.com/upload/pro/201411/v4.94-digiprog3-vehicle-list-obd365.pdf
Vehicle year Digimaster3 supports vehicles from 1996 to 2014, with extends to some other years from vehicle to vehicle. Digiprog3 supports vehicles from 1996 to 2013, with extends to some other years from vehicle to vehicle.
Tokens No token limitation and comes with 200 free tokens for Newer and High-End Cars. No token limitation
Quality Digimaster 3 quality is better than Digiprog 3