KT200 ECU Programmer Common Errors and Solutions

Here obdii365.com engineer collects some common errors and solutions of KT200 ECU Programmer full and basic version.


Problem 1: Software cannot connect to the server

After connect KT200 device, click on “CONNECT”, it says “WAIT INTERNET CONNECTION” but it has not been connected.  Error!!! Send Log File to support.

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 1

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 2

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 3


Disable Windows Defender.

Take the computer WIN10 system as an example, open the windows settings:

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 4
Search and open “Virus and Threat Protection”, check whether anti-virus protection software is installed, and close and delete the anti-virus software if so

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 5
In windows settings, search for “firewall and network protection” settings and turn off network firewall.
And check if Windows Defender Firewall is turned off synchronously.

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 6



Make sure you have closed the firewall and anti-virus system software, reopen KT200, and connect to the server.
Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 7

Kt200 Cannot Connect To Server 8


Problem 2: Diagnosedetect problem

In the KT200-master folder, the suffix dll files cannot exceed three letters, and the extra ones can be deleted.
There are three files Gcheck.dll, SecurityAccess.dll, wuzi.dll in the folder

Kt200 Diagnosetest Problem 1


Problem 3: Time zone problem

If the time zone is inconsistent with the current location, KT200 will display an error Computer clock is wrong.

Kt200 Diagnosetest Problem 2

In the computer settings, search for “time”, select the corresponding time zone, and synchronize the network time.

Kt200 Diagnosetest Problem 3


Problem 4: Driver problem can’t open

The driver is missing,  error Cannot load file libcrypto-3.dll Error: 126

Kt200 Driver Problem 1

Install the patch package corresponding to the operating system, and it can run normally

Kt200 Driver Problem 2
The 32-bit system corresponds to the X86 version, and the 64-bit system corresponds to the X64 version.


Problem 5: dfb2xx.dll file error

Use Diagnose to detect, displays an error Wrong size or version of C/windows/syswow64/dfb2xx.dll

Kt200 Dfb2xxx Dll Error 1

This is because the size of the dfb2xx.dll file in C:\windows\syswow64 is inconsistent. The size of the dfb2xx.dll file of KT200 is 202kb, not 392kb, so replace it.

Kt200 Dfb2xxx Dll Error 2

Or KT200 error cannot find ‘DFB2XX.dll’

Kt200 Cannot Find Dfb2xx


Download dfb2xx.rar file and unzip

For 64bit system, paste DFB2XX.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder

For 32bit system, paste DFB2XX.dll to C:\Windows\System32 folder



Problem 6: Driver error. Driver is wrong. 

When opening the software, it prompts that the driver is wrong,


Open the computer settings, search for “recovery”, select “reset this computer”

Kt200 Driver Error 1
Then select “Troubleshoot”

Kt200 Driver Error 2

select “Advanced Options”

Kt200 Driver Error 3
Select “Startup Settings”

Kt200 Driver Error 4

Select “Restart”

Kt200 Driver Error 5

Finally, just select “Disable automatic driver signing”.


Problem 7: Close the application and correct your time

Kt200 Close The Application


Just close the application and correct date/time of your PC.



Problem 8:

i just installed kt200 software, disabled driver signature and installed the driver I am using windows 10, every time i try to open the software, i got this error

Kt200 Error


just reinstall software, and open the software with tool connected with 12v



Problem 9: KT200.exe stop working

Kt200 Stop Working


I found the solution .
I need to uninstall the kt200 software.
If there is a “KT200” folder left on your hard drive, it should also be deleted.
Then reinstall the software using the setup provided with your KT200.
Problem 10: I’m trying to install KT200, when I open the program it stays like this and it doesn’t do anything, sometimes if it loads but the program doesn’t open. What’s the problem
Kt200 Keeps On Loading Page
When installing, have Admin Account, and windows Defender completely disabled. Ensure Firewall is setup to allow KT200 access to internet. Always Run as Admin. When hardware plugged in, Please ensure device is recognised in windows device manager.
PLease uninstall completely with uninstaller, Please remove any KT200 folders that remain and then restart computer, Please install NEW version will usual prerequisites when installing software, After install run updater to reset device before using softwares
Problem 11: KT200 error close the application and correct your time
Kt200 Close The Application And Correct Time
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