Renolink OBD2 Renault V1.99 vs 1.98 vs 1.87

Renlink OBD2 Renault USB link 1.87, 1.98 and 1.99 which version to buy?


Language Comparison:

Software language: English+French (both combinated)


System Comparison:

All can be installed on WinXP and Win7


Activation Comparison:

All crack version. Does not require activation. But need to install driver.


The difference is that V1.98 and V1.99 software adds many new features.


What’s new in Renolink 1.98 and 1.99?

V1.99 New Function Add:
Software Database for Renolink is December 2021.
clear crash for Renault Clio 5 Clear Crash Airbag
(for example in v1.99 Clear crash Dacia Logan3, Dacia Sandero3, Renault Clio5, Km in ABS ATE for Megane3, Scenic3, etc with 2 clicks)
Read/write eeprom
EPS Virginizer
ECM read/write flash
UCH Cleaner – Read PIN UCH T4
Keys (news Dacia Duster Docker Logan new)
Card Laguna 3 / Megane 3 in protected mode
TDB (cluster) and much more modify km
Decoding direction assitee (DAE) – power steering for Renault Megane 4 and Renault Megane 4 ph2 & Clio 5 (software 1.99 will virginse DAE Megane 4 / Clio 5 and automatically learn to the car)
KM Dash Espace 4 Can and much more.
Learn key UC T4_VS, Duster ph 3, Twingo 3, Trafic 3 (2017+)
Enable ISK and Pin reading for Clio 4 and Captur after 2016 (work only with valid card key)
All functions work by OBD connector !!!
Renolink V1 99 Software 2 Renolink V1 99 Software 3 Renolink V1 99 Software 4
Renolink V1.98 New function added:
Software Database for Renolink is December 2021.
Add dash Laguna 3
Read and write flash for UCH T4
read and write eeprom from UCH T4
write flash ABS Bosch
Renolink V198 3 Renolink V198 Software 1
V1.87 New Function released:
Software Database for Renolink is December 2019.
virginiser of steering assitst for Renault Megane 4, Renault Scenic 4, Renault Kadjar and Renault Talisman.
Codding will do automatically at the first ignition.
Also database from december 2019 was added.

How to Update Renolink to V1.98?

Renolink 1.87 and 1.98 use the same red cable hardware. You can update software 1.87 to 1.98 directly. 1.99 remains to be confirmed.

V1.98 and 1.99 download resources will be uploaded by team soon.

* Don’t use 1.87 and up version with the blue clone renolink (it is for 1.52)

Renault Link V187 1

Renault Link V187 2

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