Free download Opel OpCOM 200603a Software till Opel 2021

Here is the collection of software from Fantomel for diagnosing electronic equipment of Opel/Vauxhall cars from 1987 to 2021.
OP-OM 200603a supports vehicle diagnostics until 2021.
It requires OP-COM with board version OPCOM V5 and correct PIC18F458 to work.
Attention! OP-COM 200603a only works with original firmware version 1.67. The firmware update to version 1.67 in the OP-COM 200603a program occurs automatically when the program starts. Need to flash opcom clone firmware if work with V2021 software. You are at your risk.  
  • Year / Release date: 2021
  • Version: 200603a
  • Interface language: English
  • Activator: Not needed
  • Installation files size: 155.9 MB

Firmware: 1.41/1.64/1.66/1.67 (OCFlash 1.0 – interface flashing tool)


Free download opcom 200603a torrent

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Opcom 2020 06 Software Download

if your device does not have pic18F458 chip, please choose our device+software. Otherwise it will not work. Nor can it be after-sales because the hardware does not support.

Package contains:

  • OP-COM_110530a_EN-Adv_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_150406d_EN_Pro_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_161001a_EN-Adv_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_170823c_EN_Pro_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_181022a_EN_Pro_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_190311a_EN-Adv_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_191022a_EN-Adv_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • OP-COM_200603a_EN_Pro_v20830_Free4All.exe
  • VAUXCOM_160115a_GB_Pro_v20830_Free4All.exe


Flash Opel OPCOM 2021 Firmware for 200603a

How to make OPCOM Scanner working 2021 year vehicles?

Firstly you need a good opcom interface with Real PIC18F458 chip for flash firmware, then you can downgrade or upgrade the Firmware. This will have risk if you have not good PIC18F458 Chip, it will damaged when flash firmware.

Opcom Firmware

Why we flash the firmware on opcom?

1.some vehicles need lower or newer firmware ,otherwise won’t connection

2.newest opcom software 200603a need correct firmware ,fake or incorrect firmware won’t working out


Steps make opcom working on opcom 200603a software :

1. Make sure your interface has genuine vid and pid(6001) ,if not use the restore of ocfd.if your system has modified ftdi drivers first use the cleaner included then install the proper drivers.

2. Make sure your interface uses ftdi driver that is maximum AND NOT NEWER!!!!! -> this is a must.

3. Make sure your interface has a proper firmware, not some fake 1.70 or 1.99 or some other chinese inventions.
To be sure use included ocflash to put one of the firmwares there. Maximum official version is 1.67 on last 2020.06 version.


Any interface without this chip is just a copy that sooner or later will brake. Buy a 20$ chinese clone and be happy.
Buy a proper one(Genuine V5 model), do the modification to revision C and then you get also manual scan to CH-CAN modules.

All that you get here is FREE, make sure you read the txt on install screens. All versions are in ENGLISH.
You can install all of them in the same computer because they will make own folders in the same subfolder and will
create shortcuts in the same program GROUP.



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