Launch X431 V+ Porsche Cayenne S MF Steering Wheel Coding Guide

My newly acquired 2011 Porsche Cayenne S does not even have volume control on the steering wheel. I changed from 2011 sport design wheel to 2011 MF (multi-function) steering wheel. This is the sport design wheel. This is actually an option. From standard it comes with MF (multi-function) steering wheel.

It looks like this

2011 Cayenne Steering Wheel 1

I see some very inexpensive used multifunction wheels out there.  I do have a Launch X431 V+ pro v4.0 table for coding.
It was pretty simple with the X431 and MF activation hex code.
I successfully replaced my Sport steering wheel with the big flappy paddles and no other controls with a standard multifunction wheel.
All I needed:
How to swap MF steering wheel with X431 V+?:
Follow settings in Launch X431 V Pro:
Go into system selection for Steering Wheel Electronic > Special Function > Function Activation – here you will add the activation hex code for Multi-function steering wheel and it should return success message.
The second step is to enable Multifunction. Go to Steering Wheel Electronic > Coding Value > Coding value-Coding byte 1-Multi-function steering wheel – change value from No to Yes and click Write Code.

Launch X431 Porsche Steering Wheel

Launch X431 Porsche Steering Wheel 2

I now have working steering wheel multifunction controls, and also the extra right hand column stalk still controls the display in the gauge cluster.

2011 Cayenne Steering Wheel 2

2011 Cayenne Steering Wheel 3

The MF wheel I bought had heat function, but I don’t need it at all in FL, and my clock spring did not have the power pins for heat connection, just an empty slot to hold the connector from the wheel in place. There is another separate hex activation code that would need to be purchased, as well as the appropriate clock spring to add heat.


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