Chrysler Diagnostic Scanner NT530 vs. wiTech Micropod II

Q: since my Chrysler has tackled the MIL, I would like to buy a diagnostic tool. Which hardware is good and cheap?  I am considering the Foxwell and wiTech scan tool.



NT520/NT530 Review on Chrysler:

Foxwell Chrysler Abs Bleeding 2


I have now also bought this brand new diagnostic tool (NT530 Pro with free Chrysler software):
You order the tool and gets a manufacturer brand (here for example Fiat – includes: Fiat, Alfa, Abarth, Lancia) for free. It can add up to five car brands overall.
This costs about 55 to 60 euros per car manufacturer. So this is really a very versatile diagnostic tool for a fairly cheap money. The standard diagnostic language is English. A German representation is also possible, simply by the seller mentioned above.
Provide the real serial number of the Foxwell diagnostic device.

I compared that with the much more expensive Witech VCI Pod combination and as it looks at first impression the Foxwell can do exactly the same thing.

Also very interesting for youngtimer freaks: With a special additional adapter from Foxwell, it can also be used to service the old Daimler Benz vehicles with the 38-pin round connector (up to around 2000)
I successfully applied it to my son’s Mercedes CLK 230 (W208).

The diagnostic tool or the required manufacturer software can also always be updated free of charge.

If you have to process several brands, you are well advised with such a multi-brand device.  Foxwell tool is small and handy and can be quickly connected for diagnosis and data display and I like that very much. You can have that on your vacation trip without having to bring a laptop with you.



The foxwell NT520 is a good tool so far with my limited use. 200 bucks and you get two “brands”. I picked BMW and Chrysler, and they work well for reading codes in other ECU’s that you can’t view with a standard bluetooth dongle and generic software. I recommend you look at their site to see what it will do for your Fords.




The Good:

  • Compatible with Multi-brand software
  • Hand-held, no need drag a laptop.
  • Lifetime updates on the Foxwell is a huge bonus
  • more suitable or intended for ordinary people / amateurs, hobbyists



The Bad:

  • Software update takes about an hour
  • A bit limited to old Chrysler (i.e  ZERO coverage on the 1997 Dodge Ram; can not read the 2002 Chrysler section Powertrain, ECM;  2006 Crossfire not able to communicate with Powertrain/ECM, TPMS etc modules )
  • Requests a CCD connector for 1996-2003 Chrysler vehicles but there is NO information regarding their CCD connector
  • It has many Chrysler features that are not part of the Jeep tests and if you select them the unit either takes a long time to tell you its not supported or it locks up
  • Foxwell may be a little slower when scanning modules (comparing Autel handheld scanner)



Foxwell Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Vehicle coverage:





Grand Cherokee




PT Cruiser




















Mini Van

Town & Country Caravan









Review on wiTech Micropod II:

witech-micropod-2-clone (1)


With Witech can perform service, but no coding or activation of ECUs. Witech also can program new keys. It can replace the modules PCM, PEM, WIN or WCM.

It allows me to:

-disable seatbelt chime
-enable srt performance screens on radio and gauge cluster
-adjust default suspension ride height
-disable DRL’s
-change light settings for every light output…for example if you put on an SRT bumper and the DRL’s are now under the headlamps, you can set that up

There’s a lot more but I can’t remember off the top of my head.



The micropd II is the cheapest option to carry out diagnostics on the vehicle using the same means as the FCA workshop. If you want more, i.e. add equipment or, for example, want to change heating parameters, you have to buy the more expensive VCI Pod.



I purchased this Micropod II emulator (about $135). V17.04.27 wiTech MicroPod 2 for Chrysler Diagnosis & Programming Tool Multi-language
I have used it to perform a relearn sequence for the TPMS sensors, after they were replaced. It worked well for this.

A whole sequence of software patches need to take place in a precise order to make the DRB III emulator work with the Micropod II.  Once these software patches are installed, the unit seems to work well as a DRB III emulator. I was able to find the software and instructions online at no additional cost. I can say that the DRB III emulator is easy to use and worked great to perform a relearn sequence of the TPMS for my 2005 SRT6. I also used an Autel TS601 to make each wheel sensor “chirp” in the sequence requested by the DRB III.



The witech ( and clones) micro pod 2 is capable of flashing the bcm (with the appropriate subscription to tech authority).



All Crossfires 2004 to 2006 require DRB III with Crossfire multiplexer.  For Chrysler dealers the DRB III was replaced by the Starmobile unit. That was replaced by the Starscan unit. That was replaced by the Witech VCI pod. That was replaced by the Witech micropod, then the micropod 2. The current version of the Witech Micropod 2 is only the wireless version. The Witech software can be upgraded with enhanced DRB emulation.


*Lots of witech reviews are available on our blog. Use “search” button.



The Good:

  • Cheap
  • Chrysler Specific scan tool provides dealer level diagnostic
  • compatible with DRB III for older Chrysler
  • online programming is available if pay for online subscription
  • Allow internet connection



The Bad:

  • Need a laptop
  • The software is challenging to install (refer to installation video)
  • No update available
  • Some failed to set up DRB3 on this



Micropod 2 car list (for reference only)

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 1

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 2

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 3

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 4

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 5

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 6

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 7

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 8

Micropod 2 Supported Vehicles 9