How to get S-Sport mode & Launch Control on Ralliart using Mitsubishi MUT 3

Well, risking a $10k transmission is a daring feat when mixing different code with different models. We would never have made it to the moon if we didn’t take the risk. I promise, you will be as excited as I was when I saw the console say S-Sport for the first time and you will feel like it must be tested out. Always, be careful not to get hurt while driving. Please take care of yourself and your vehicle.

Below, will be a step by step process on how to modify your ralliart to have S-sport mode and Launch control. S-Sport mode enables your vehicle to use your cars true potential by switching gears at higher rev points vs Sport and normal mode. Launch control typically refers to an electronic aid which is used to assist the drivers of various motorsports at the start of a race. As far as we know, this will work on all 2009+ ralliarts.

WARNING: If your vehicle breaks, dies, or anything that can cost maintenance I will not take responsibility for it. I am simply giving you a guide to use at your own risk.

NOTES: Your current ECU tune does not matter in the TCU reprogramming. You can have stock, custom GST basemap, or anything you choose and you will still get S-sport mode in the reprogramming.



Please make sure to:
-Have your cars battery fully charged. If you worry about your battery dying, hook it up to a charger while performing the reprogram.
MUT3/MEDIC 3 unit at full power.
-No faulty wires that can be bumped that can lose a connection
-Working CD-ROM drive.
-Updated MUT3. The one I used was version 3.2 update 142

If any of the above fail, you will have a damaged vehicle while reprogramming. Don’t be scared just be prepared.



Step 1 – Getting the file
-First things first download the TCU file, which is for 2009-2010 Ralliarts8631B001.cff (

UPDATE: For 2011+ Ralliarts download and use this file 8631B151.cff(

-Burn that single file to a CD-ROM

Step 2 – Connecting
-Connect the MUT III VCI to your OBD2 port and turn your car to ON, but do not start it.

Step 3 – VIN setup
-Set your Vehicle VIN# via the button bottom right of the screen. This is to tell MEDIC 3 which car it is working with.

Step 4 – Programming
Before you even get to this step you need to have the CD with the file 8631B001.cff ready to go.
-Insert the CD
MEDIC 3 will now check for an update > click the check mark.
-Next box will pop up indicating UNNECESSARY REPROGRAMMING from here you need to click the load icon which is to the right of the check mark.
-A list of *.cff files should pop up. We don’t want to use any of the files listed (TBA for all regions and models), we want to use the one from our CD.
-Click on the folder button at the bottom right > click on “COMPACT DISC” and then click the folder icon again. (This might take time as it needs to read the CD, give it a moment). A check mark will pop up next to the folder. Click that to start the reprogramming!

Step 5 – Wait
-The reprogramming will take 2-5 minutes so make sure to keep the radio off, fans off, etc. To conserve battery life. During the reprogramming it will be just like a reflash. Bells and whistles will be firing off. This is normal. Be patient for the programming to finish once it reaches 100%. It will have a slow start, but pick up after that.
-Once it reaches 100%, the car will finalize the reprogram and say “COMPLETED“.

Congrats your car now has been reprogrammed and has S-sport mode and Launch Control“Crak Mode” completed.

Special thanks to the community and special remarks to: Eyedreamt,, Hoobla, Beeble and Richard for getting this off the ground and getting the right info to get this done.

Please leave question or comments and experience with the guide with car year. Let me know if the guide needs an update on spelling or notes to make it easier to understand.

Since this is all so new, a lot of potential can come from this. So, please post your year and mods and tunes so see what results come from all of this.

Good luck,



Also, I want to note for everyone that has this and has the rev hunting. I did some logs of clutch slip on a normal drive and it slips between -1 and 1. When the rev hunting happens the clutch slips around 50. I do not know the units of the values but I assume that the 50 is enough to make the rpms bounce. I am no mechanical expert but I would assume that a) clutch slip is bad because it wears out a clutch and there should be no slip. and b) rpm bouncing is not a good thing to engines timing chain because of the pull n push of the rpms bouncing.

In conclusion, s-sport mode has a price. You WILL get instance clutch grabbing for your gears and launch control, but the catch is to avoid 6th gears rev hunt between 1800-2000 rpm.

The stock file for 2009-2010 RA is 8631B002.cff if you want to change back. The 2011+ file 8631B152.cff to return back to stock. Good luck folks.

Known Working Vehicles

User Year Market ROM ID S-Sport Launch Control TCU File
EyeDreamt 2011 USDM 56940007 Yes Yes 8631B001.cff
Crak 2009 USDM 53600010 Yes Yes 8631B001.cff
omegis 2011 USDM 56940007 Yes Yes 8631B001.cff
Beeble 2009 AUS ???? Yes Yes 8631B001.cff