GlobalTIS crack download + How to install & register

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What’s the difference between GlobalTIS and TIS2000?


They are the same thing in practice, NOT 2 separate things. Global TIS is the newer version of TIS 2000. One replaced the other. Get Global TIS working and use that. Forget about TIS2000.


What’s additional function for GlobalTIS?


There’s the added revision search function for SPS, plus support for newer hardware and drivers (J2534, MDI), and the TLPrint, RPO and GDS functions. All of this is icing on the cake for most users here. The biggest difference is the rearchitecture, which is mostly invisible unless it fails.


GM wrote GlobalTIS starting with open source and IBM off-the-shelf components – I was working on a couple of them when I was at IBM.


The basics are available on both packages as long as your MY is supported. For non-MDI/Tech3 users like us, the two are functionally the same.


GlobalTIS installation & registration instruction:


The ideal OS is Windows XP 32-bit.

I’ve also installed it on Vista, 7 and 10…all 32-bit.


You will need the GlobalTIS ISO, Saab GlobalTIS keygen (, Sumatra PDF (if you don’t have a PDF reader), and the Virtual CD Control Panel (

Put all of these files on the desktop.



  1. Launch and unzip Virtual CD-ROM control panel
  2. Load driver and mount GlobalTIS ISO
  3. Open My Computer, launch Saab GlobalTIS CD and click next repeatedly throughout the setup process
  4. Open GlobalTIS, fill out registration information
  5. Download Email/Fax registration file to desktop
  6. (Optional) unmount ISO and unload virtual CD
  7. Unzip GlobalTIS keygen, set environment variable/path to C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\jre\bin
  8. Go to C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\ROOT and install Java
  9. Copy keygen files into C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\tis2web\WEB-INF\lib
  10. Open cmd and type the following: cd C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\tis2web\WEB-INF\lib
  11. Open registration.pdf on desktop, copy registration key, remove dashes and combine into one line. If you don’t have a PDF reader, download and install SumatraPDF (
  12. Go back to cmd, type keygen.bat, press the spacebar once, then right click, Paste, press enter. (the keygen.bat and the registration key should have a space between them)
  13. Reopen GlobalTIS, scroll down to registration section
  14. Copy subscribe ID and License Key by right clicking in cmd, clicking Mark, highlighting text, then pressing enter to copy
  15. Go back to GlobalTIS registration and paste ID/key in their respective fields
  16. Click Register License Key, OK, then Logout
  17. Close and re-open GlobalTIS and the software is activated.


(Thanks for nitrous9200 for his great contribution, incl. video and step-by-step instruction)