Microtronik HEXTAG Reviews / Feedback

Original Microtronik HaxTag Programmer Reviews based on users’ working experience: (keep updating)

1. Probably the safest, easiest and fastest programmer on the market. Absolutely no components to remove no pins to lift.

Programmer works OFFLINE, only diagrams based on servers.

2.  This wonderful new device will allow you to read CAS2 , CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 and CAS4+. CAS4 all that i tested – 100% safe and fast. Reading the microprocessors are absolutely safe and decrypting time is done within seconds.  It can also read E series FRM modules and repair them by the press of a single button. You can read , save , edit and write easily.

3. The hextag seems to be a good product. read bcm porsche with mask XDP512_1L15Y, XEP100_1N35H, XEP100_5M48H, XET512_2M25J.

4.Done about 30 FRM repairs, read and write cas4+ without desoldering. Reset f series and e series keys. Read kvm for Range Rover sport and porch bcm. This tool work like a charm . They never disappoint


5. Hextag. read/write CAS1-CAS4 in seconds.
All of them already tested.





6. Two FRM3 done today. Both from e90.


7. Hextag is the latest BDM tool which can do a wide range of operations in multi car bands including BMW and many more.

8. I went through almost all CAS programmers and I can easily say HexTag is very good.
I have done couple CAS4 with it without any errors.
I like the speed and built in calculator which make life easier. FRM 3 is doing in few seconds.
Also tested on Mercedes W211 EIS and all went well.

As Im very optimistic with it I would like to make this my main programmer not only for BMW.

9. FRM3R E70 – 3M25J read perfectly.
CAS4 – 1N35H read perfectly.10.Excellent, fast, stable.  Hextag is performing really well on CAS4 and Porsche BCMs tested so far! 100% recommended

11. BMW f30 with FEM Body
HuF key 868 mhz Reset  successfully
12. Bmw FRM3 repair. Using new tool HEXTAG by Autohex II
Works very good , erase 3 keys in the same day .
Different brands and chinese versions