Mercedes Vehicle List: Xentry Passthru vs. Xentry Diagnostics

What is Xentry Passthru & What is Xentry Diagnostics?


“Xentry Pass Thru” and “Xentry Diagnostics” is the Mercedes-Benz brand’s diagnostics and repair solutions for the Independent Repairers carrying out servicing and repairs for euro 5 and 6 certified passenger cars and commercial vehicles


The software is used to process coding, programming and enable dependent control modules for euro 5 and 6 certified passenger cars and commercial vehicles





What’s the difference of Xentry Passthru & Xentry Diagnostics?


– different vehicle coverage:


Xentry Passthru works with all modules. The only difference is it only works with CAN modules and you can use any J2534 device with it. So 2006 and up vehicles.


Technically yes, but it is artificially restricted according to the StartKey you are assigned based off of your HWID number given to Daimler, which in the US is restricted to emissions related control modules before MY 2018.


But if you activate it with developer keys then you have access to all modules and all vehicles.


– different functions & features:


Xentry Passthru has nearly the complete diagnostic scope (quick test, basic diagnosis, flashing & coding control units, reading/deleting fault memory, guided and functional diagnosis, DAS4 services) with the exception of technical restrictions due to the Pass Thru devices:

Only single-channel quick test and functional diagnosis (therefore longer runtime)

Basic diagnosis only in XENTRY Diagnostics

Key programming and DAS4 services only in XENTRY Diagnosis



What Mercedes-Benz models are covered by Xentry Passthru?


Pretty much all can vehicles. Works great with Xentry vehicles. So I would say Xentry Passthru is good for 2006 and up.

Passthru Models are only from EURO5 Vehicles (for Europe)


Just get a dev key, should work on all models..


IMPORTANT: Xentry passthru does not supported this vehicles in DAS:


– Bharat Benz

– Foton

– Fuso



– Unimog

– PKW using HHT


Also, wont cover special function unless you use full size Stand Alone DAS.



What Mercedes-Benz models are covered by Xentry Diagnostics?


Xentry XODS can work with Mercedes-Benz Passenger car, van, truck, unimogs, buses, super sports cars, industrial major assembikes














Xentry Passthru Review by Real Users:


Tested Xentry Passthru 12.2017 with VAS5054A on C203 2003. all work without problem. on k line too.


I have used my VAS 5054a with 2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG, 2007 R class, 2008 Sprinter, all in DAS. Everything worked except ignition sensing.

I used VAS5054A with 2014 C 250 using Xentry, everything works fine, no ignition sense, but Xentry gives you a checkbox to manually select.
I have not tried older than 2006 for Mercedes, but I am sure the limitation is in software/drivers.


It was more easy to make the VAS5054 work on 64bit than change Xentry
software to FULL work on 32bit.


The lower i have test before on 32bit was a W211-006 from 2002,
quick test on all units with VAS5054, and it may work with HHT-win
because it have KK-Line.

After some more test i will poste the solution for VAS5054 work as PassThru on 64bit.



Xentry Diagnostics Review: the latest XDOS 09.2018


i installed 2018–09 successfully.


Note that rollback symptom probably because of a prerequisite software that is failed to install.

try to install from scratch again and look carefully what is failed to install during prerequisite software installation.


if it happen, run xdos setup again or manually try to install the failed software.


usually microsoft visual c++ 2008


in x:\data\ISSetupPrerequisites\{0BE9572E-8558–404f-B0A5–8C347D145655}\vcredist_x86.exe


in x:\data\ISSetupPrerequisites\{8D61397C-2AD6–4210–8E43-C2793010DC35}\vcredist_x64.exe




Good to know: For newbies


You are advised to have Xentry disk inside a second-hand Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, which comes with SD connect MUX.


The toughbook is old because the item is used before delivery and may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. But

It’s absolutely unnecessary to get a brand-new laptop for auto repair.

It’s easily get rubbed or destroyed when used it in real maintenance.

So, to get a second-hand but workable laptop will help SAVE A LOT.


With the Panasonic CF-19’s dedicated serial port, there is no issue for user…. it was plug and play… the HDD with Mercedes software is loaded into the Panasonic and WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS has been activated with “activation keys” before delivery…users can use it for Mercedes-Benz diagnostics, coding or programming with SD connect C4, when they receive the package.


SD Connect C4+ HDD+ Panasonic CF-19 

MB-SD-Connect-CF-19_9 mb-sd-c4-c5-plus-panasonic-cf19-i5-4gb-laptop-4