VVDI2 and VVDI Keytool: OBD 48 Copy vs 96 BIT 48 Copy

Lots of things you’d better know for OBD ID48 and 96bit 48 copy with Xhorse tools incl VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool.


OBD ID48 and 96bit 48 copy:


ID48 96bit Car List:

Model ID Year
Skoda Octavia 48 Up to 2017-18
Fabia 48 Up to 2017-18
Laura 48 Up to 2017-18
Superb 48 Up to 2017-18
Rapia 48 Up to 2017-18
Yeti 48 Up to 2017-18
Volkswagen Polo 48 Up to 2017-18
Vento 48 Up to 2017-18
Ameo 48 Up to 2017-18
Jetta 48 Up to 2017-18
Passat 48 Up to 2017-18
Touareg 48 Up to 2017-18
Audi A4/A6 48 Up to 2017-18
Q3/5/7 48 Up to 2017-18
TT/R8 48 Up to 2017-18
Fiat Linea 48 Up to 2017-18
Punto 48 Up to 2017-18
Avventura 48 Up to 2017-18
Volvo S60/80,XC70/90 48 Up to 2017-18
Honda Accord (OLD) 48 Up to 2017-18
Chevrolet Beat/Sail 48 Up to 2017-18



Note: What is difference of OBD 48 Copy and 96 BIT 48 Copy? Why do you need both?

OBD 48 copy needs use a data collector via OBD way to collect car data with OBD device(like VVDI2)…it can program new keys when all keys are lost but needs a OBD device that is able to read data.


As for a transponder 96bit, it’s used when you have an original 48 key; that is, you can copy a new key from an original key, without collection with the OBD and car. But attention please, here you must have the original 48 key.


Transponder 48 Copy – You have to know:

  1. VVDI2 has two 48 copy authorization OBD and 96 bit,but VVDI Key Tool needs96 bit only.
  2. If you have both VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool, purchase to activate VVDI2 ID48 96 bit authorization,thenbind VVDI2 with VVDIkey tool, your VVDI Key Tool can get the authorization too. But if you have VVDI Key Tool first, then buy VVDI2, your VVDI2 can not get it for free even though you bind VVDI2 with VVDI Key Tool. In other words, this process is irreversible,VVDI2 to VVDI key tool is OK, but VVDI Key Tool with 96 bit authorization, then to VVDI2,you have to pay for the authorization again.


Make it clear:


VVDI2 with ID48 96 bit authorization-> bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool -> VVDI Key Tool get ID48 96 bit authorization for FREE


VVDI Keytool with ID48 96 bit authorization-> bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool -> VVDI2 cannot get it for free – you have to PAY FOR 96 bit authorization


Tech support from http://www.obdii365.com/