Mini Pro TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS USB Programmer

Mini Pro TL886A and TL866CS in-circuit USB serial programmer are out of production and it is replaced by new TL866 II Plus programmer.


TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS Programmer

Description TL866 II Plus TL866A TL866CS
Pin Dectected YES No No
1.8V supported YES No No
ISP for 24/93/25 MCU YES only MCU No
25 Nor Flash Maximum capacity 512M 128M 128M
Multi Programming (4) YES YES YES
VPP Max.Voltage 18V 21V 21V
VCC Voltage 1.8V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5
W29C020 P+V (S) 10.2S+2.4S 12.9S+4.3S 12.9S+4.3S
W25X80 P+V (S) 9.3S+1.7S 21.5S+10.3S 21.5S+10.3S
W25Q64 P+V (S) 69S+14.5S 128S+82S 128S+82S
Device List 15000+ 13000+ 13000+
Status In Production Stop Production Stop Production


XGecu TL866II Plus USB High Performance Programmer

Latest software version: V7.07

tl866-ii-plus   tl866-ii-plus-software-2

Update: Free online

Language: English/Chinese

Operating  System: WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA /WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32BIit/64Bit)


Support wide range of chips:

15130 supported devices from hundreds of manufacturers by 7.07 version of software (Mar. , 2018).

NAND FLASH: Samsung K9xxx, SK Hynix (ex Hynix) HY27xxx, H27xxx, Micron MT29Fxxx, NANDxxx, Spansion S34xxx, NAND Toshiba TH58NVGxxx.

Serial NAND FLASH: Micron MT29Fxxx.

Serial Flash: standard SPI, high performance Dual I/O SPI and Quad I/O SPI (25Bxxx, 25Dxxx, 25Fxxx, 25Lxxx, 25Pxxx, 25Qxxx, 25Sxxx, 25Txxx, 25Uxxx, 25Vxxx, 25Wxxx, 25Xxxx, 26Vxxx, 45PExx, MX26Lxxx ).DataFlash (AT45Dxxx, AT26Dxxx)

Parallel NOR Flash: 28Fxxx, 29Cxxx, 29Fxxx, 29BVxxx, 29LVxxx, 29Wxxx, 49Fxxx series, Samsung’sK8Pxxxx, K8Dxxxx series, …

EPROM: NMOS/CMOS, 27xxx and 27Cxxx series

EEPROM: NMOS/CMOS, 28xxx, 28Cxxx, 27EExxx series,

Serial E(E)PROM: 24XXX,25XXX series,

Microcontrollers MCS51 series:89Cxxx, 89Sxxx, 89EXXX,89VXX

Microcontrollers Atmel AVR 8bit/16bit: AT90Sxxxx, ATtiny, ATmega series

Microcontrollers Microchip PICmicro: PIC10xxx, PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC17Cxxx, PIC18xxx, PIC24xxx series

GAL Programmable logic device programming and SRAM test

I.C. Tester: TTL type: 54,74 S/LS/ALS/H/HC/HCT series; CMOS type: 4000, 4500 series;
Static RAM: 6116 ..


TL866 II Plus USB Programmer User Manual

TL866 II Plus Supported Detail Device List


Upgrade History:

Version: V7.07 Support:15130 –2018.03.17

ADD: IC to 15130
Fix: SST39LF/VFxxxx TSOP48 Pin Detect function
Fix: Some 25 serials auto selection
Version: V7.05 Support:15118 –2018.03.01

Add English instruction
Version: V7.03 Support:15118 –2018.02.26

TL866II Plus Release First.