VVDI MB Tool program W166 BGA key: Working

This is a write-up of how to use VVDI Mercedes key programmer to program a remote BGA key to Benz W166 ML250 .



Xhorse vvdi mb bga tool and a laptop to run vvdi mercedes software (here ver.2.1.1)

The steps of w166 key programming… Here you go.


run VVDI-MB Tool software

go to EIS Tools, then read and save EIS data

go to Password calculation for Data acquisition (5 minutes around)

in the process, it’s necessary to insert the key to EIS & VVDI MB Tool; just follow the pop-ups

finish data acquisition.

then Upload data to send acquisition data, and copy the key password for later use

back to EIS Tools

read EIS data and paste the key pass. as EIS key info, then save data

go to Prepare key file

first Load EIS file, then Prepare key file (select v051)

go to Read write key

here you should have a blank key to write data

writing data successfully

then do key identification, the key status is Unuse

inset the new key to the EIS to synchronize

insert the key and turn on for 2 times

try to start

wait for key initialisation

initialised successfully

test the remote… also ok


VVDI MB BGA Tool successfully programmed a key to Mercedes W166!