Handy Baby JMD Assistant OBD Adapter User Manual

It’s a user manual of a JMD Assistant obd adapter working with the Handy baby key programmer to copy 48 chips or do all keys lost for VAG vehicles with the 4th immobilizer systems.

What is a JMD assistant adapter?

The obd adapter is tested ok to use with the Handy baby key programmer to copy new keys and program new keys when all all lost for Volkswagen vehicles with 4th immobilizer systems!! That is also the reason for why you need to buy JMD assistant.

What models are supported by the JMD assistant?

Handy baby vag car list – copy/clone keys with the JMD assistant

Handy baby vag car list – do all key lost with the JMD assistant

Where to buy the JMD handy baby assistant?

There are lots of online shops available; here one site should be mentioned – that’shttp://www.obdii365.com/. Items there are tested for hundreds of times; no need worry about quality guarantee

How to locate the JMD assistant in the car?

JMD assistant is connected through the OBD port on the car.
* If dashboard happen spangled or re-light (don’t worry that phenomenon is ok)

*Finish could listen beeper short “BiBiBi” by OBD that’s was OK could next step

*Finish could listen beeper long “Biiiiiii” by OBD that’s can’t clone so far. (upgrade continue)

How to update JMD Assistant to a new version?

JMD Assistant connect to computer with USB cable, and open JMD Client software, click “UPDATES” –“JMD Assistant update”, then wait it until finish update.


Note: Make sure your computer have install Cp2102 driver and link to internet, and you should turn off Anti-virus and defender during update.

How to read info of JMD Assitant?

JMD Assistant Handy Baby key copy machine’s coil , and get into” basic-info” menu, wait several seconds and press OK to read, it will show information of JMD Assistant.

Any successful case of using JMD assistant with Handy baby?

Handy Baby and JMD Assistant Copy VW Beetles 48 Key


JMD assistant and Handy baby add VW Polo 2014 key


How to copy VW 4th ID48 chip via JMD Handy baby


How do users think of the JMD assistant?

So far, no bad reviews of this product. Here are all users feedback with photos. They tell you all the truth.