How to install UPA USB programmer v1.3 on Win XP / Win 7

It is a upa usb programmer manual on how to install UPA USB programmer full version v1.3.0.14 for doing ECU programming, flash memory, bulk erase data memory, and so on.



No need activation!

Language: English

O.S.: Windows xp, windows 7 32-bit


Step 1 – install UPA USB programmer 1.3

extract UPA 1.3

open folder UPA 1.3->uuprog_14r2

run setup app to install UPA programmer


accept the agreement

click on Next continuously to install UPA-USB


UPA-USB programmer installation success



Step 2 – setup UPA USB programmer properties

copy all files here

open UPA-USB Device programmer properties

find target: C:\program files\elrasoft\upa-usb suite\device programmer, paste files and replace the existing file


close all interfaces


Step 3 – install UPA USB driver

install wizard from a list or specific location (Advanced)


the best driver location: My computer\ local disk C:\program files\elrasoft\upa-usb suite\usb driver\win_xp\x86


driver installation success



Step 4 – setup driver

open Computer management

setup ELRASOFT UPA-USB3.0 Driver (, 03/28/2012)



Step 5 – run upa usb v1.3 programmer software to read 93C46

run UPA-USB Device Programmer v1.3r2

enter the user name and activation key


UPA-USB Programmer V1.3 at is the activated version, you can have access to new functions:

Added MC9S12HY64/HA32 support

Added Serial Flash memory support: A25L512/010/020/040/080/016/032, SST25VF512A/010A/020B/040B/080B/016B/032B, S25FL004A/008A/016A/032A/064A

Added 24C1024, 24C1025 support

Added Bulk erase data memory to PICs 16F913-7/946, 12F629/675

Added script function GetPage

Added script function AutoBaudRateDevice (hc08 devices only)

Added script function GetProgrammerFrameChildCtrl( AChildCtrlName: string): TControl

Added script function EnablePicMemoryAreas ( AProgram, AID, AConfig, ACalibration, AEEPROM: boolean ): boolean;

Fixed bug with script functions ProgramDevice, ReadDevice … when used with PICs

Fixed bug with SetHC08SecurityBytes (SecBytes: string) function

Fixed bug with 68hc11 reading if Oscillator is not set to Auto

Updated script example files

The software is digitally signed

USB driver upausb.sys is digitally signed



Here, read eeprom 93C46 as example