Change SD Connect C4 serial number with Xprog-M

Here is a customer solution of the easiest way to change the Mercedes Benz SD Connect C4 diagnostic system serial in the 24C02 eeprom with XPROG-M ecu programmer. It can be removed from the board or read with the chip clip. He just put a random number of his own, and there is a very small chance to get a number that is blacklisted.


After the serial change, the MB SD C4 multiplexer has to be programmed to delivery condition and then initialized again. After that the new serial becomes valid.


Note: we are not responsible for your damage.


Here is the operation procedure.

Sorry for the bad screen resolution.

Connect the xprog-m adapters to the MB SD Connect C4 PCB here

xprog-m-change-sd-c4-sn-1 xprog-m-change-sd-c4-sn-2 xprog-m-change-sd-c4-sn-3 xprog-m-change-sd-c4-sn-4 xprog-m-change-sd-c4-sn-5 xprog-m-change-sd-c4-sn-6

Then write it