VCMII IDS V98 failed to program Ford S-Max 2006 solution

Conflicted with my programming “career” since i bought a clone Ford VCM2 from China days ago.but luckily, all is solved finally.


At the beginning, i thought i bought a bad VCMII for lack of SD slot. But in fact, there existed a slot but no SD card. The reset button on the vcm ii unit is used for software update, the vendor said.

vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (1)

I tried on different computers but all the time, Ford IDS v98 popped up the same error message:

Die Fahrzeugkonfigurations – Masterdatei kann nicht heruntergeladen werden. Dier Download – Vorgang wird abgebrochen

Die Aufgabe(n) konnte(n) nicht gestartet werden

BCMii (CCF Mater module)


(The vehicle configuration – Master file can not be downloaded. The Download – operation is canceled

The object (s) was (n) does not start

BCMii (CCF Mater module))

vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (2) vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (3) vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (4)

And also failed to read 8gb ram4 control unit, always with the same error on Ford IDS 98.

vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (5)


vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (6)

Then i took the engineer’s advice, to do diagnosis first

Suprisingly, an error message popped up:

U2101:00 2B-IPC

Beschreibung – U2101

Steuergeratekongfiguration ist nicht kompatibel

Fehlertyp – 00

Zu diesem DTC liegen keine zusatzlichen Fehlertyp-informationon VDF

Satus – 2B (Aktueller DTC)

Fehler ist momentan prasent

Diagnoseprotokoll – 14229

Schaitfache Hilfe l fur zusatzliche information liber die …


(U2101: 00 2B-IPC

Description – U2101

ECU configuration is incompatible

Error type – 00

are for this DTC no additional error type informationon VDF

Status – 2B (Current DTC)

Error is currently present

Diagnostic Log – 14229

Schaitfache Help l for additional information liber the …)

vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (7)

I can diagnose on s-max but still failed to program.

vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (8)

But the engineer said it explained all for programming failure before!!

Cars with fault/ troubleshoot cannot be programmed!!!

Then i went to diagnosis, and this time, programming on S-Max ’2006 is ok.


Feel very sorry to the obd365 customer service staff for i asking help for them many times because of my poor knowledge of car repairing. But, that is the strongest reason that i would write this review for them. Thanks for their kindness.