How to install Mercedes Benz Welcome Light puddle light

Got a pair of welcome door lamp them from here:


Came from Shanghai took around 2 weeks to US.

I use these as night lights in the workshop, projecting them on the walls.


I just installed welcome lights on my Mercedes Benz SLK and they looked great so I want to share it with everyone here.


These lights are available on with many logo designs. They would easy to install. Normally when you install these welcome lights, you’ll need to remove the whole door panel but not the SLK. The SLK door has a little red light at the bottom where you can get the power for the welcome light.

mercedes welcome light-02

This little red light was easy to remove. I just used my nail to pull it out. I measured the voltage on these wire and they are 12V, exactly what you’ll need for the welcome lights.

mercedes welcome light-03

Drill a hole at the bottom of the door panel under the red light. The hole saw comes with the welcome lights that I bought.

mercedes welcome light-04

Fish the welcome light wire through the hole and put the light head into the hole. Then connect welcome light wire to the red light wire. Brown wire is Negative. Purple wire is Positive.

mercedes welcome light-05

After wiring, tie all wires in a bundle, connect the red light back, and put everything into the red light hole. And repeat the steps for other doors. I installed these lights for my front doors and will install them for my rear doors soon.

mercedes welcome light-06

You don’t see the light during day time but at night, they are amazing!

mercedes welcome light-07mercedes welcome light-01