How to reset Genius K-touch ECU tuning TF card

Recently, some New Genius K-touch & Flash Point OBDII/BOOT Protocols ECU chip tuning tool users asked for help at obd365 for the corrupted files in the TF card. And this is the solution for it and also the instruction on how to reset TF card for New Genius clone- K-Touch.


Software used:


O/S requirement:

Win XP/ Win 7


Steps of TF card resetting

Video guide:


Step 1 Format TF card

Go to K-Touch disk.

Copy folder “TF TIX” to Desktop, then open it.

K-Touch-TF-reset (1)

Cut disk image file “K-Touch” and copy to Local disk D: (disk E & F also ok)

Note: do not put this file to any folder.

K-Touch-TF-reset (2)

Then a TF card installation picture is displayed. Take out the TF card from K-Touch and install to the laptop.

K-Touch-TF-reset (3)

You have to use the built-in TF card to install; you cannot change another TF card.

Windows Prompt: you need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?

Click Cancel.

K-Touch-TF-reset (4)

Go to disk F:, right click for Format.

Click Start to begin format.

K-Touch-TF-reset (5)

Click OK to format the disk.

Format complete. Click OK.

Close the interface of Format Removable Disk F:.


Step 2 Run Win32DiskImage to write

Back to the folder “TF TIX” on Desktop.

Open folder “Win32DiskImage”.

Open application “Win32DiskImage”.

Click the folder icon.

Select disk D:/K-Touch, and save data.

K-Touch-TF-reset (6)

Click Write.

K-Touch-TF-reset (7)


Writing to a physical device can corrupt the device. Are you sure you want to continue?

Click Yes.

Write successful. Click OK.

Click Exit.


Step 3 Connect to use.

Eject USB2.0-CRW.

K-Touch-TF-reset (8)

TF card installation picture is displayed. Install the TF card to the New Genius (K-Touch) device.

K-Touch-TF-reset (9)

Then connect Genius OBD2 MAP Master ecu programmer to the power for use.

K-Touch-TF-reset (10)

With new hand-held Kess v2- Touch & Map device, you can read / program the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2. It is able to work without connection to a computer during the critical phases of reading and writing of the ECU, ensuring the process is executed in complete safety. As a completely independent tool, the risks of working with a PC can be avoided, risks such as stalling, Windows crashes, power failure etc…