FAQ GM MDI WIFI wireless multiplexer interface (detail)

GM MDI WIFI wireless multiplexer interface frequently asked questions and most concerned questions gathered here to know better the device.


About Software & Installation
About Language
About Register& License key
About Computer System
About Vehicle Coverage
About Function
About Software Errors

About Software & Installation

Q: What is GM MDI Admin Software Version?
A: The GM MDI Admin Software Version is V9.1.01001.

Q: What is the newest GDS2 software version?
A: The newest GDS2 software version is 9.1.01001.

Q: Does GM MDI support tis2web?
A: Yes, our GM MDI can support tis2web.

Q: Does this tool have TIS2000 software?
A: Sorry, it doesn’t have tis2000, but it can do program for gm.

Q: What software does it cover for this mdi? tis??
A: Basic software including GlobalTIS, opeltis, gds2, techwin etc.
FAQ GM MDI WIFI wireless multiplexer interface

Q: Is it original or clone, can I do SPS without problems? What’s the difference from the original?
A: This tool is copy/ clone. It can do sps without problem. This Best quality GM MDI J2534 interface is made by original chip. Almost has the same function as the original one. You can use the original software with this hardware. But for online programming, you need have original ID and Password.

Q: In package with MDI is only OPEL CD?
A: There are 2 different CDs, one for Chevrolet, one for opel, you can install the one you want.

Q: Can I use the original software on this gm mdi hardware?
A: Yes. Our GM MDI interface is made by original chip. It performs almost the same functions as the original one. You can use original software with this hardware.

Q: I am trying to install the one I bought but not going thru. i have no idea how to install it, What can I do. Please help out.
A: We have made the software installation video instruction:

Q: When i use this one, i inset the battery on the main unit, and use it, right?
A: No, this one does not need battery. When you use it, connect this device with your car, car will provide the power for this GM MDI. And use it to diagnose and code the car.

Q: I have GM TIS2Web license, can I use it to update this gm mdi? If yes, how?
A: Not only the license, you need to have GLobaltis software if you want to update.
How to update? Download the software, install the software well, when you use this device again, it will prompt the hardware is low, you need to update, then just click update is ok. Most important is that you need have GLobal tis software, and you can active GLobal tis.

About Language:

Q: Does gm mdi supports French language?
A:  It supports multi-language includes French language, please check the photo attached.
FAQ GM MDI WIFI wireless multiplexer interface

About Register& License key

Q: How to get the license key?
A: The software need to activate before you can use, please follow our installation video, and send the PDF to us, we will activate it for you.

Q: How to activate GM MDI software?
A: After install the software, it will generate the PDF file. Then send the PDF file to us, we will activate it for you.

Q: Does your software bypass the time period?
A: Our GM MDI software has no time limitation.

Q:  This GM MDI Diagnostic tool needs register? Can i register it by myself?
A: Yes. This GM MDI Diagnostic tool needs register. After you get this package and install software, please send the generated PDF file to us, we will activate it for you.

About Computer System

Q: Can it be installed on Win 7
A: This gm mdi can only be installed on Win XP system.

Q: Can I install MDI software on Virtual machine?
A: No, installed it on windows XP directly.

About Vehicle Coverage

Q: Does it support Japanese GM?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Does it support Chevrolet Cruze 2012?
A: Yes, it supports GM cars 1990-2013.

Q: Does it support he Opel Insignia year 2010?
A: Yes, the multiplexer interface support Opel model before 2013 year.

Q: I see your MDI can do Holden? Yes or no?
A: Yes, it can do Holden around 2010

Q: Do you have good tool for GM Chevrolet Spark EV 2015 Mode?
A: Sorry, we do not have any good tool for this.

Q: Can I use it to test and programming Vauxhall antara 2.2 cdti 2013?
A: Sorry, we did not test it on 2012 model. It can work on 2012 models successfully. As we do not test 2013 Vauxhall so cannot make sure 100% it can work on your car. From the feedback of our customers, this GM MDI can work on some 2013 models. This GM MDI is mainly used for car models from 2009 – 2012, part 2013.

Q: Can i use it to test Opel insigna v6 2.8 petrol?
A: Yes. This GM MDI can work on this car.
FAQ GM MDI WIFI wireless multiplexer interface

About Function

Q: Does this come with wireless card?
A: It only supports WIFI, but does not come with wireless card.

Q: Does this MDI scanner has WIFI or Bluetooth function?
A: Yes, GM MDI has WIFI wireless connection function.

Q: This GM MDI supports online programming or wireless programming?
A: This one is online programming. It needs account. Please contact us to register and open the account.

Q: Can it do anything, just like an original one?
A: It is a copy one not original.

Q: Can I use your machine together with original factory connections?
A: Sorry it can not.

Q: GM MDI is good for online programming of GMC new transmission control unit (TCM) or also reprogramming?
A: GM MDI can do the offline programming for opel and Europe Chevrolet. For other cars, needs online programming. Our GM MDI support online programming if you have the online programming account for original factory. The used ECU cannot be reprogrammed.

Q: How much does it cost for online programming?
A: This GM MDI has online coding function. But you need to buy this account by yourself. We do not sell this account. You can buy it from original factory.

Q: l have bought from you gm mdi interface an l want to register online programming can you help me to open account?
A: If you want to do online programming. you need register at the official website.
About GM MDI on line program ID and password
You can buy in this offical website.

Q: Online coding? Offline coding? All supported? Do you have the car list for online and offline coding?
A: For online coding, it can work on almost all car models it supported. For offline coding, only can work on Opel or Europe Chevrolet.

Q: What is the difference between online programming and offline programming with Opel cars?
A:  GM MDI for Opel
1996-2009 only do offline program for 80% car.
2009-2014 do program online, need id and password, you need have it own, we don’t provide the service.

Q: What’s the difference between GM MDI interface and GM Tech2 scanner?
A: GM MDI is newer scanner for new GM models, while Tech2 scan tool is for old models. For detail information, please check the blog here:
Different between GM MDI and GM tech2

About Software Error:

Q: GM MDI Device not recognized. Install GM MDI software on Vista mode. But the Manager software wizard then says can not detect MDI Module on USB port. Error code 29, how to solve?
A:  Solution:
Wifi GM MDI software should be installed on Windows XP mode. Change another computer with windows XP mode.

Q: Failed to install GM MDI manager software on Windows 7 operating system?
A: Solution: You need to install wireless gm mdi driver. You may get it in “Windows xp drive (in VM) windows system32″. Copy two folder named as “Drive store” and “Drivers” and past it in any drive in your laptop / computer. Than open device manager of windows 7 right click the unknown device and click “update driver”. Select “browse my computer for driver software”. Then chose one of those folders and let it search and if driver is not found then again chose the other folder.

Q: GM MDI wifi version fails to self test?
A: Solution: The reason may caused by internal error in GM MDI diagnostic system. You need to connect the MDI to a PC via USB cable and do the software recovery procedure or seek help at your supplier.

Q: GM MDI fails to power up?
A: Solution: Check the connection among device, computer and vehicle. Then try to supply power to the MDI from the two different power sources, the vehicle DLC connector and the AC 12-volt Adapter.

Q: GM MDI scanner turn off immediately when disconnect the device with vehicle and computer?
A: Solution: Power up the MDI and verify that it has the same problem when the power is removed, then replace the batteries and make sure they are properly installed. If it still fails to be off correctly, your MDI may be damaged.

Q: MDI “Fatal error has occurred” error. During the update process, when fail to communicate or fail to talk to ECU, the update process will be blocked and the error code detected.
A: Solution: Reset GM MDI software.
How to reset GM MDI software?

1. Remove the power supply when all LED turn off, or remove the battery if users can not stop power supply.

2. Apply power to the MDI, press and hold the power button down and about 10 seconds later, release the power button, the MDI will start up in a recovery state with only the power LED lit.

3. Select “MDI_Manager” icon to start the MDI Manager software, and connect the PC with the MDI by plugging the USB cable into them. When the MDI Manager software detects the MDI, it will be shown on the “Detected MDIs” window. You need to select the MDI displaying the serial number matching your MDI and click “Recover” and the MDI Manager software switches to the “MDI Manager” tab automatically. On the “Recovery of MDI” window, select the latest version of the “MDI Recovery Image “and click” Start Update “. Remember, never unplug the MDI from the PC or remove power from the MDI during the recovery process.

4. “The MDI will now automatically restart” message will display. Wait until you hear the ‘beep’, then the MDI is ready for use”, click “OK”. The GM MDI Manager software switches automatically to the MDI Explore tab and once it has finished the restart and Power on Self Test, your MDI software will recover.