Solution for 04 Volvo XC70 Brake Failure and intermittent AWD

Device I hooked up:
Volvo VIDA DICE 2014D, I bought from for $130 plus shipping to United States.

Car issue: ABS light on and hard acceleration
I have been getting the Brake failure warning for the past year, but anytime it happened it went away after a restart or a few minutes of driving. I didn’t have my Vida Dice unit hooked up and since it would go away I didn’t think too much of it. I was able to get it to the dealer and have them do a free check once when the lights were on and they told me they thought it was the Brake control module and wanted to spend an hour ($140) to swap it out to test… The light went away for a while. When the message did come back I would test the brakes, even on the snow the ABS worked fine. , until last week…

I went to pull onto a main road and the front tires spun. The ABS light came on with the stop safely message. I pulled over, turned the car off and the light went out and a hard acceleration proved that I had AWD again. It’s done this a few times now, and there’s something new that I noticed when the Brake Failure message comes on; the trip odometer goes blank, and the odometer stops counting up the miles. This happened the other day on the way back from the shore and it was a good 30 miles home and the mileage didn’t change at all.

At this point the warning message is coming on pretty constantly and it’s kind of a 50/50 shot whether I have AWD or not… I also started hearing a noise at highway speed as if the bearings are shot and it’s coming from the back; could this be the AOC pump?

I finally got my VIDA DICE unit hooked up, I was able to read and clear the codes. The following first 2 screenshots are the initial readings, before I cleared it. Then the next are the readings after it came back again.

Volvo XC70 Brake Failure and intermittent AWD Volvo XC70 Brake Failure and intermittent AWD Volvo XC70 Brake Failure and intermittent AWD Volvo XC70 Brake Failure and intermittent AWD
Volvo XC70 Brake Failure and intermittent AWD
Possible issues:
The biggest issues are the lack of cruise control, odometer not counting up and lack of display messages. Otherwise the car drives and stops OK.

Advise do these check:
Check the Brake Pedal Sensor (on the brake boost servo) and the Brake Pedal Switch (top of brake pedal) as these are reported to be the cause of the problem. The brake switch is on/off and if not working brake lights won’t activate. The brake pedal sensor is a potentiometer and can be *roughly* checked with an ohmmeter.
The next step is to check the tone rings on the drive shafts. The drive shaft axle bolts and different thickness washers.