Ford VCMII IDS, best code reader for 07plate mk7 DIY

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Hi, Daisy,

After some advice on Ford code readers as I would like to buy one to check any codes that come up when the engine management light comes on as I am sick of ford ripping the piss. My brother and I went to the dealers for engine management light check and spent about $400 but there is no change the way the engine drives, there is no smoke, no noise, no loss of power etc and told them to leave it as he will just drive the van with the light on as he was not prepared to buy a new turbo when the van drove so good. So the thing is I would like to check the codes myself just to verify if anything turbo related shows up. Also would benefit me as I to drive a 07plate mk7 and have had to pay for codes to be read in the past. Can you give me advice on what to buy?


Dear Milton,

Thank you for your inquiring. I would suggest you to get an V86 Ford VCMII IDS. It is an efficient tool that will pay for itself quite quickly as the VCM II IDS costs $219 and dealer code checking $190+ an hour. It gives you full dealer level, everything except in codes, but you can find them online. Besides, it features WIFI function and allows you to pull error codes, turn off warning lights via wireless connection.

If interested here is the product link:

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