Ikeycutter CONDOR XC-007 what works and does not work

“if you’re going to get a Chinese one at least go for the ikeycutter/condor as the quality is meant to be a lot better and that way you might get updates”- from a digitalkas forum poster, this means ikeycutter/condor XC-007 has captured some users heart.

Since ikeycutter/condor is well-received by an increasing number of users, I think it is necessary to collect some real users using experience and include what CONDOR XC-007 works and does not work.

CONDOR XC-007 what does work?
1) Built-in database, easy to check the data, no need to connect with the computer, only when update it needs to connect laptop.
2) Double pin structure, no need to disassemble guiding pin.
3) The cutting speed is available to choose.
4) Update is easy online, no need to return back to the factory or install memory card.
5) The cutter and consumables is cheaper, most locksmiths can afford to it.
6) It is faster to add data and update for the Chinese cars, so it is more suitable for Chinese locksmith.
7) Can save cutting record, which is convenient for operation and check.
8) The database is built with diagram and words, which clearly show which cutting type to choose.
9) Able to help locksmith find out the extra cuttings in the ignition locks than that in the car door lock.
10) Support making key even all key lost, refer this link:

CONDOR XC-007 what does not work?
1) Too heavy, 36KG ( 79.37LB ) weight,  2 times as weight as MIRACLE-A7 and Automated V8/X6, it will cost more shipping fee, by the way OBD365 is free shipping.
2) It has English version; the only fault so far is it is the sound of the machine is loud.

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