GM TECH2 Real User Experience

Bought GM TECH2 at 09-08-2014
I bought one GM TECH2 (SP23-B). Hopefully I’ll get it
GM Tech2
Received package at 09-19-2014
Well I finally got the tech2,i had to file a dispute through PayPal though. They sent me several emails on the status but one asked for my phone number for shipping, only problem was it was a no reply email and there was no way of sending the number through their website, so I started a dispute. Within hours I got a normal email from them and sent the phone number. The tech2 arrived 2 days later. it looks and feels exactly like the gm one, and I have been using these things since they changed from the tech1 to the tech2,i have years of experience with it and it works exactly like any others I’ve used at gm dealers over the happy with it, even though the shipping was a lot, it’s still a great deal.462.00 for a brand new tech2 with a candi module all the cables and adapters and case is great.
GM TECH2 Using Experience:
So far I only connected to my intimidator ss and everything was there, haven’t used it on the corvettes yet, but I would imagine it should be able to set up a BCM. i would like to change one of my c5s that is canadien to US to disable the auto headlights because they don’t always open when they should and when they do work right they come on too early.

it will do the relearn, I’ve used it some more since my last post and it does everything a real tech2 does, and I’ve been using the real one professionally since its inception. Mine came with the 32 mb card. you have to specify GM English when you order the unit. There are a lot of other cards for different languages Saab, Holden, etc

Video: How to use GM Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner