BMW ICOM A2 engineering version software can do what?

Car Owner’s Question:
I am looking to be pointed in the right direction in programming a number of features to my BMW 2007 Z4 3.0si, i don’t want to end up ‘bricking’ some important module.

It’s quite difficult to work out what is best to use in a given scenario, I have the correct lead to connect to my car, but am looking for the correct software to use to do the following

Features ID like to enable if possible
1) Soft Indicator (3 flashes)
2) Beep or Flash on Remote unlock/lock
3) DRL turn on
4) Welcome home style lighting when unlocking

Answer from Engineer:
To realize the function you mentioned above, the engineering version software of BMW ICOM A2 can do, but most China supplier can’t provide technical server, the users are required to know how to do, how to program.