Free Download Bosch Driver for Original JLR DoIP VCI USB Connection


Original JLR DoIP VCI Jaguar Land Rover diagnostic tool supports both USB and WiFi connection. Here’s the guide to connect JLR VCI via USB.   To setup USB connection, you need to download Bosch driver for VCI first:!aqwnhbQS!KS7QhERmZ4cCcZfvT2iXkdYN6ynz9vDQ3DmPQRGm0TU Open Bosch_Driver folder… Continue Reading

VXDIAG A3 Review: BMW F18 Coding – Success!

Purpose: VXDIAG A3 multi tool and BMW F series coding VXDIAG A3 reliable source: Software: E-sys 3.27.1 ECU: from BMW F18   Test: IP setup in Itool radar:   Run VCXNet DoIP before BMW coding on F series   Connect VCX: Success   DoIP on.… Continue Reading