CG PRO Failed to Erase BMW 35128WT Chip Solution

Here comes the problem:

One of our customers was trying to write BMW 35128WT eeprom back with CG PRO blue device and 35128WT adapter.

Software stuck on the decrypting page and writing can not be completed in a hour. Update both firmware and software, still the same.

Cg Pro Bmw 35128wt 1
Cg Pro Bmw 35128wt 2

Cg Pro Bmw 35128wt 3

CGDI Engineer suggestion:

35160WT/35128WT heating erase method (you can try this if failed to erase chip)Before operation, adjust the air gun to 100℃ and heat the chip for 20~30s (the chip is soldered on the board).

Then stop heating and immediately install it and try the operation.

After waiting for the chip to cool completely, if the chip has not entered the second stage of erasing, you can repeat the air gun heating for another 20~30s and then stop heating. The chip will be erased during the cooling process.


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