Free Download 2M2 Tank 2 Pro App

Where to download new App for 2024 2M2 Tank 2 Pro CNC key cutting machine?



Download App or Android or iOS from Google Play Store (Search “Magic Tank”).

Download 2m2 Tank 2 Pro App

Or download App here

Download 2m2 Tank 2 Pro App

Better download App on Google Play Store



2m2 Tank 2 Pro 1





2M2 Tank 2 Pro vs old 2M2 Magic Tank


2M2 Tank 2 pro is the upgrade of 2M2 Magic Tank 1.

What’s new in 2M2 Tank 2 Pro?

1. Add residential key/ house key(Mul-T-lock, dimple key, Multi-point key)
2. New design cover
3. New design appearance

2m2 Tank 2 Pro 2

These are Major Updates of the Tank 2 Pro

1. New Mask
2. Lighting: brighter than ever.
3. Protective shell for Motor: Protect motor against particles.
4. Protective shell for Motor: Avoid particles to spread on the platform.
5. Protective cover: Avoid particles to spread into the machine.
6. Drawer for particles: Accumulating particles and it is easy to clean.
7. Transparent cover: Avoid particles to spread into the machine.
8. Metal base: There are 4 holes in order to put probes and cutters.

9. More accurate and low noise.

10. Improve the handle position and easy to carry

11. Keep cutting from 30 till 40 pieces of key after full charging.



3 Steps for Set up 2M2 Tank II Pro:

1. Install cutter & probe
2. Clamp option
3. Calibration

2m2 Tank 2 Pro 4

We have uploaded a video tutorials of 2M2 Tank 2 Pro.

Sucbr our youtube channel and check it out.