Launch X-prog3 Adds BMW CAS2 CAS3/CAS3+ File Make Key & FRM Repair

Some users reported that Launch X-prog3 failed to learn remote for BMW CAS3+, cause of bug in launch software that recognizes it as cas3 or cas2. After Key generation, you could start the engine, but Remote control not working.

The new update V10.18 of BMW IMMO was released to fix the bug.

The long-awaited update with a solution to the BMW problem – adding new key cas2/3 is a fact !!!


Launch X-prog3 BMW IMMO V10.18

CAS2, CAS3/3+ IMMO system, added file generated key function, optimized OBD key learning (original [key learning]) function, FRM module replacement, add FRM module data function.

1. Add CAS2, CAS3/3+ IMMO system file generated key function, supported to acquire EEPROM after CAS module read and generate dealer key using EEPROM file

2.FRM module replacement, add FRM module data function, supported to download FRM module data with internet connection.

Optimized CAS 1, CAS2, CAS3/3+ IMMO system key learning, key unlocking function, fixed no remote control issue of programmer generated keys during key learning process and remote control present after key unlocking.

These upgrade can be applied to Launch X431 IMMO Plus, IMMO Elite, PAD V/PAD VII/Pro5 with X-prog3 and advanced IMMO package.

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Bmw Cas2 Cas3 1

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Bmw Cas2 Cas3 2

Example 1:

How to add BMW CAS3+ Key with Launch X431 IMMO Plus via OBD

Launch X431 IMMO Plus Adds BMW CAS3+ Key via OBD


Video example 2:

How to add BMW CAS3 key with Launch X431 IMMO Elite via EEPROM?

Need to update BMW IMMO software to V10.18 or above.

How to program BMW CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++ all keys lost with Launch X-prog3?