Autel MS908S Pro Reset McLaren Service Reminder

“Autel is one of the first mainstream tools to cover diagnostic functions for Mclaren. With the Autel diagnostic connections, it will only improve with updates. These Autel diagnostic functions are only available on Autel 909, 919, Ultra and some other models which are available on

Autel Scanners McLaren Diagnostic Coverage

Here comes the review of MS908S Pro:

Wanted to look for alternatives or solutions that are not as expensive as an MDS, or restrictive as a single VIN product. For testing, I ordered this Autel Maxisys 908S Pro, and surprisingly enough, works for resetting the service oil reminder, and doing diagnostics on all (or most?) modules in the car.

Kind of expensive at $2,200, but it works for other cars too, and doing a few oil changes with it it will pay for itself on three sessions.

Anyway, here’s some pictures.

Autel Ms908s Pro Mclaren 1

Autel Ms908s Pro Mclaren 2

Autel Ms908s Pro Mclaren 3

Autel Ms908s Pro Mclaren 4

edit: added some other photos as i was exploring the options.

Autel Ms908s Pro Mclaren 5

Autel Ms908s Pro Mclaren 6

Autel will scan every module and has bi-directional control.

From what I’ve seen, it can access the SBC and do certain things. Door modules, instrument cluster, HVAC and engine ECUs for my car.

The Mclaren software piece connects back to the Autel mothership, and with an expired license that connection gets blocked. Other cars, like Lexus, worked just fine.