How to Virgin GM ACDelco ECUs?

Getting Started Question:

I have an OBDSTAR DC706 cloning tool and see that it has recovery mode. if you do the procedure does it virginize the ecu?

I need to replace the ACDelco E98 ECM, the original ECM is not communicating. I have a donor (used one) with the exactly same service number.

How to virgin ECM so I can then program with SPS2?

Oi Terminal E98 1



Recovery Mode:

If you have low voltage or other problems while uploading the flash to the ECU, the ECU will be in recovery mode. You won’t start the car, but you can upload the flash again via recovery mode.

Virgin ECU:

If you want virginized ecu you must change immo part of flash to FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in a lot of cars thats all. In some cars you need adapt synchro code and pin to flash.

If the Delco ECU is not communicating and you can’t read it by bench, you have a hardware problem. You need to fix it first.


If you have I/O Terminal you can clone it. Copy and paste MPC.

That’s all. There is no seperate eeprom.

For this kind of ecu it also has a boot pinout. Check wiring diagram.


If failed to clone ECU. Virgin firmware for the ECU and program it through SPS.


How to Virgin GM Opel ACDelco ECUs E78, E83, E87, E98 etc?

Option 1. DC706

There is a virgin option on the dc706.  It asks to load data.

Get a new e98/e87 etc copy files. Then use those files to virginize the used one.



Option 2. SPS

If you want to reprogram used ecu by gm sps2 you must first virginzed it. Then gm sps2 will detect the controller as a new one, not programmed anywhere.

Dealers have no interest in reusing second hand ecms, they only force you to get a brand new one and program it inside their dealer service.


It depends on the type of ECU and main microcontroller in it . In most cases, it works like this: if you know the Pin Code of the car from which the ECU comes, that’s half the battle. After converting the pin to HEX, you can find where it is saved in the file and replace it with the FFFF value. This will allow the controller to read the PIN from another module associated with the immobilizer, e.g. BCM. Sometimes it is enough to remove the vin from flash.

I/O terminal has the ability/alghoritm to make a virgin in delco ECU. ioterminal can reset this ecu to virgin state.

There is eeprom utility in ioterminal soft , read eeprom with tool > reset dump to virgin state > load back eeprom to ecu , that’s all. But for reading eeprom you need ioterminal tool – kess can’t read this area.

I/O decrypts the seed key and you need to follow the complete procedure in order to reset thos junk ecm.
Reset on acdelco can be made if the ecm sees the enviromental of the original car. With other words, ecm need to be connected with the rest of original car modules, in order to accept reset. You can unpair it with sps only on donor car.
IO Terminal only for read / write / reset . If you lost information, you can’t recovery ecu with IO terminal. So you need to find full flash from other car , reset it with IO and program to your car.
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