Clone Volvo XC90 CEM with Autel IM608 & OBDSTAR DC706

Volvo XC90 CEM cloning tips using Autel IM608 XP400 Pro and OBDSTAR DC706 tools.


You can use Autel IM608 to read the Flash. Then put the flash file on the OBDSTAR DC706.The DC706 reads the file and extracts the password. You need password to write.
It needs this to write to the CEM with only a few wires connected to the pins on the connector on the CEM – no soldering or opening once you have the password from the flash.
If you are connected directly to the CEM with the IM608 you should just be able to copy the flash to the new CEM and obviously the EEPROM as well.

The first time does usually take a few hours.Always frightened of messing something up. After that it should be quick turnaround to get paid.


You can also clone these without opening. Cem pin cracker to brute force pin code, then ioterminal for reading and writing

Autel Im608 Volvo Cem 1 Autel Im608 Volvo Cem 2