Launch X431 TSGUN vs Autel TS508 TPMS Tool

Both Launch X431 TSGUN and Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 are very efficient TPMS service tools for tires.

Launch Tsgun Vs Autel Ts508

Both of them can program the sensor.  Here we make a comparison to tell you the plus and the minus of both.


They have different prices. Autel TS508 this one can work alone. It does not need a tablet or software. You have everything included but also the price is double at this moment.

The price is really double the launch product the TPMS TSGUN.


I like TSGUN more because when you forget to program a sensor you can also program it after that when the tires have pressure inside.

With TS508 if you have pressure on the tire you cannot program the sensor. You should program the sensor before install it on the on the tire and charge it pressure.


This is one plus from the launch, the price is also second plus from the launch. But TS508 it can run alone, we don’t have the tablet. You know it depends which option it shows on your tablet, it can be from 1K euro to 5K euro. But Launch x431 tablet has many other addon modules, videoscope, immobilizer programmer, ADAS, battery tester etc. You can also run Diagzone. With Autel you have to buy separate devices with different functions.


Both of them have the same functionality, both of them make good work.

Launch tsgun is much cheaper and is the most that i use it because I don’t need to pre-install the sensor on the car.


Let’s see how these things work. You know how these programmers work actually when you try to install a new TPMS sensor in the car this one will not be able to program it.

programming is too much thing they have the database from all of the cars inside. for example each car they have at least 8 sensor inside for the summer in the winter.


If you have already in his memory for example TSGUN. let’s say eight sensors for Audi and also another one eight sensor for Audis and all the time units are actually the same.

Serial number for this sensor try to look when you program a sensor try to look when you program on different cars and on the same cars, you will see he will give you the same ID number of this sensor like most of the time I pay attention on the cars it will allocate me for five series the same ID number of that sensor and then the car who will believe its original sensor, but it’s not true it’s just a fake sensor they just use the data from original sensor and you you’ll be able to put it inside on the sensor this is the way how it works.

Actually both of them they are not programmable both of them they are tools who can clone the original sensors.


Launch TSGUN Pros and Cons


It has great battery life and fast speed.

Makes TPMS calibration work much easier
You can scan, program and diagnose TMPS sensor.
Quality construction and feels good in the hand
The owners manual was easy to understand
Connect with Bluetooth

Program (clone) Launch RF sensor
It is sturdy, well built, with simple and straightforward functionality


It is not a stand alone unit,  have to pair with X431 tablet ( you need to select the car first . You have to exit the diagnostic program before you can use the tpms function)

Failed work on some models (i.e Opel Astra K, Nissan Juke 2016, 2012 Chevrolet Camaro.)



Autel TS508 Pros & Cons

Has a powerful rechargeable battery
Enables user to manually input OE ID into MX-Sensor.
It has a 4 MX-Sensor programming options for convenience
Connects with the TPMS module intilizing OBD2 cable for sensor ID relearning
Indicated vehicle specific relearn procedures.
Offers faster and smarter TPMS repairs with two service modes.
Free sofware updates.


It is somehow challenging to update


But both of them make good work and of course we can use it if you think logically they are not programmers they are tools who clone the TPMS sensors.
Programmers is the OEM from the factory and who can allocate the different ID numbers.

It now depends on you which tool do you have. If you have launch x431 product I recommend you the TSGUN if you don’t have it and you must buy separately just buy TS508.